Another Name For Common Person

What is another word for common people?
plebeian commoner
worker commonalty
common person plebe
working-class person working person
common man person in the street

When is plain a more appropriate choice than common?

While in some cases nearly identical to common, plain is likely to suggest homely simplicity.

When might popular be a better fit than common?

Although the words popular and common have much in common, popular applies to what is accepted by or prevalent among people in general sometimes in contrast to upper classes or special groups.

How does the adjective common contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of common are familiar, ordinary, plain, popular, and vulgar. While all these words mean “generally met with and not in any way special, strange, or unusual,” common implies usual everyday quality or frequency of occurrence and may additionally suggest inferiority or coarseness.


What is a common person called?

plebeian. nounperson of lower class. common people. commonalty. commoner.

What other word can I use instead of common?

synonyms for common
  • accepted.
  • commonplace.
  • everyday.
  • familiar.
  • frequent.
  • natural.
  • prevailing.
  • prevalent.

What do you mean by common people?

A commoner, also known as the common man, commoners, the common people or the masses, was in earlier use an ordinary person in a community or nation who did not have any significant social status, especially a member of neither royalty, nobility, nor any part of the aristocracy.

What is the alternative word of common man?

plebeian, burgher, cypher, Joe Bloggs, man in the street, bourgeois, layperson, Joe Blow, everyman, secular, pleb, nobody, nonentity, worker, cipher, proletarian, John doe, prole, layman, rustic.

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