Are Fortune Teller Fish Real

The Fortune Teller Fish is made of a unique hygroscopic polymer, which is a material that readily takes up and retains water. When the fish absorbs moisture from your palm or other object that contains water, it responds by moving, curling, or even flipping over.

How the Fortune Teller Fish Works

Supposedly, if the fish bends its head and tail together, this indicates a friendly personality, while curling sides indicates a mean spirit. Of course, there’s no magic. It’s all a matter of science.

Sodium polyacrylate and cellulose are polymers that readily absorb water. The cross-linking of the polymer subunits forms chains. The orientation of these chains determines which direction any particular fish will bend. Another common example of cellulose is newspaper. It’s easy to tear a newspaper into strips from top to bottom. If you tear across the paper, you can see the jagged edges of the fiber. The magic fish is like newspaper, except the material is much thinner so absorbing a tiny amount of water warps the shape.

This pleasingly exotic graphic adorns a sleeve that contains a small red cellophane fish. It has long been a design staple for the REMO General Store, and has found itself manifest on all manner of merchandise items over the years from T Shirts to Greeting Cards and even Beach Towels.

“The Fortune Telling Fish Is said to give a truthful account of everybodys character and disposition. It will tell you whether you are brave or diligent, modest, jealous, short tempered, whether you are in love, fickle, and so on. It tells you just what you should know about yourself, so that you can take steps to remedy your failings. Astonish your friends by telling them things about themselves, besides giving you any amount of fun and entertainment.”

Discover more about who you really are by holding a mystical fish in the palm of your hand

Are Fortune Teller Fish Real

Are Fortune Teller Fish Real

Are you searching for answers about your real personality? You know, the one you keep hidden from everyone? A simple plastic fish will reveal the deeper side of you the instant it touches your hand! Well, OK, maybe it won’t. You’re right, that’s bit of a stretch but it is a great party favor for all ages. Besides, as with everything that seems like magic, there’s always science behind it that makes it all the more amazing.


How does the Fortune fish move?

If you place the plastic Fortune Teller Miracle Fish in your hand, it will bend and wiggle. You can reportedly decipher the movements of the fish to predict your future. But those movements—though they may seem miraculous—are a result of the chemical composition of the fish.

Why does the fortune teller fish move?

The plastic curls because the dry side pulls the expanding moist side around it. The curling movements come from the orientation of the polymer strands in the plastic. This is called the grain of the polymer. If the grain is oriented from head to tail, the strands curl the fish from head to tail.

How does a cellophane fish work?

Why does the fish move in the palm of your hand? Because sodium polyacrylate absorbs the water found in the moisture on your hand. As the molecules change shape, so does the shape of the fish. Because some people’s hands might be sweatier or moister, the fish will tend to curl or move more in their hands.

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