Bee Swarm Simulator Goo Hotshots

Event Badges [Currently Obtainable]

Badge Requirements Reward
“You played Bee Swarm Simulator!” Solve 3 puzzles from The Computer during Ready Player Two event.
  • How to Program BASIC

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How do you get into gummy bear’s lair?

Using gumdrops is the easiest and common way to manually spread goo until one gets the Gummy Boots. To collect goo, collect pollen as usual (with tools, bees, and/or their ability tokens) from flowers that are covered in goo.

What are the 7 codes for bee swarm simulator?

Gummy Bear’s Lair is a location that can only be accessed by having a Goo Hotshot Badge or above. To get into the lair, touch the Gummy Bee model on the Gummy Bee Egg Claim and use a gumdrop.

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