Bonny Rebecca No Longer Vegan

hey its Mike here and today Im goingto do response to Bonnie Rebeccas whyIm no longer vegan video I normally shyaway from response videos but Im doingthis one Im doing it Im not vegananymore as you can probably tell by thetitle of this video I was vegan for justover five years and it was kind ofeverything to me it was my whole life mywhole identity it was a motivationbehind my YouTube channel and Imabsolutely not here to attack Bonnie orTim Tim especially went through a lotthroughout this whole thing I more viewit as a failure of vegan specific careand harmful dietary vegan trends thanthem being delirious or succumbing tosocial pressures like other vegans whohave quit in the past let me put it thisway I dont think were gonna see abacon taste test video from them like wehave from other ex vegans in the pastthis case is definitely different andalso theyre both super nice people whodid not want to be eating animals solets definitely be constructive herealright lets go first of all this is a38 minute long video so Im not gonna beable to respond to everything but Ithink there are some very importantlessons to be learned here sadly wedont have medical records ortime-traveling nano robots to getconcrete answers but I do have somehypotheses about what happened to themand Ill talk about some research onthose as well as what people can do tonot go down that same pathway reachthose same pitfalls and finally how theycould have maybe possibly solved theirissues well staying on a vegan dietpossibly so this video is gonna have afair amount of evidenced basedspeculation if you willalright Ive rambled enough lets getright into it lets look at Tims storyfirst because the video really is mainlyabout Tim for Tims background he neverhad acne he never appeared to haveserious digestive issues then a fewyears back he went on a durianriderstyle high carb high calorie high fruitsmash it in ride your bike type of dietin a bit Ill make the case why I thinkthis is where things went wrong and Ithink they will agree but moving on thenhe ended up getting those digestiveissues that IBS and the acne they thenshifted their vegan diet a few timesthey did the whole starch solution thingthen they added some fat and theneventually Tim went on antibioticsthings got a little bit better and thenas rounds of antibiotics went on theygot worse things started to get reallybad team all the teams symptoms werelike ten times worse than they werebefore we took antibiotics but he got awhole lot of other things going on aswell his acne kept getting worse and hisweight kept going down and so they wentto a bunch of naturopath and specialistetc until finally they were sent to anutritionist who advised them to eatfish and eggs and then his skin clearedup and he was able to gain weight so thefirst thing you started eating with somefish and eggs he had fish twice a dayfor lunch and dinner and eggs forbreakfast and within about five days allof his symptoms had cleared yeah tryingto wrap my head around that was one ofthe hardest weeks ever I also want toadd that it was like he was reacting toall these foods his food allergy listkind of became longer and longer andthen when he finally went off the vegandiet he was able to not have thoseissues anymore okayso lets go back to the very beginningto the fruitarian style high carbsituation theres an idea that Ivereally been sitting on for a while but Ihavent wanted to fully explore becausetheres just a lack of practicalresearch on people that actually do eata ton of fruit but that is the idea ofthe fructose absorption limit thereality is that the human body actuallycaps off the amount of fructose that itcan absorb and some people also havefructose malabsorption issues whichmakes that even lower and I want to addthat fruit is generally very healthyespecially adding it to a Western dietyoure gonna decrease risk of disease atthree servings four servings fiveservings a day but what happens if youare eating 20 to 30 servings of fruit aday and look into this study on healthyindividuals the human intestinalfructose system can be overwhelmed atgreater than 50 grams of fructose andquote fructose malabsorption leads to avariety of gastrointestinal andtolerance symptoms that resemble thesymptoms presented by patients with IBSand when patients with unexplainedsymptoms were given that 50 grams offructose and took breath tests 73% hadelevated levels of hydrogen or methanewhich is evidence of fructosemalabsorption and 80% of them hadsymptoms like a gas pain bloatingbelching an altered bowel habit andremember thats normal people from thisstudy people with IBS can have a fruitmalabsorption reaction at just 15 gramsof fructose now what were people eatingon that diet what was it 30 bananas in asingle daythats 213 grams of fructose that couldeasily be sitting down to a meal of 70grams of fructose also had the trend ofdoing all those date shakes which haveabout the same amount of fructose percalorie and all those other fruits thatare also high fructose but the questionbecomes what happens to your smallintestine when you are eating 150 to 250grams of fructose per day when you canteven handle it of course the fructoseenters your mouth goes down through yourstomach enters your small intestine alot of it doesnt get absorbed but thatis usable energy for the bacteria ifthey then have a bloom or a smallintestinal bacterial overgrowthsituation which on the outside canmanifest as diarrhea and definitely somediscomfort and as Bonnie alluded to SIBOcan lead to intestinal barrier functionbeing compromised or as youve probablyheard it leaky gut from this study SIBOinflames the lining of your gut andquote this inflammation may be a causeor an effect of an altered mucosalbarrier in the intestine yourecompromised gut lining can then let someundigested proteins into yourbloodstream you can have all sorts ofreactions and allergies and autoimmunesituations from that to theorise at thispoint the SIBO could have been soestablished that has started reacting tohigher fiber alone or even carbohydratesof other sorts and the rounds ofantibiotics could have certainly putthat SIBO at bay for a bit but then itsalso possible that some antibioticresistant strains of bacteria then tookover and that would make a way lessdiverse gut biome because just thosesurvived theres also another thing thatcan cause leaky gut and that isparasites Bonnie said that she hadparasites but it was unclear whether ornot tim had parasites they were doingthe whole biking in thailand thing so itcould have been contamination there sonot particularly the vegan diet andthere isnt really that much that saidin the video about that so lets justmove on at one point Bonnie said one ofthe practitioners determined that thereOh Meg DiCicco mega 3 ratio was not goodits unclear whether or not they hadlike an outright DHA deficiency but onething that was never mentioned in thosehigh carb high fruit days was get enoughomega-3s that was just not on the docketyour basis on this a lot of doctors likedr. Greger recommend taking algae-basedDHA the DHA that is in fish and ofcourse including a lot of thatplant-based ala like Chia and flax andhemp well they didnt specifically haveDHA deficiency symptoms skin issues canbe a cause of low omega-3 consumptionand that brings me into the whole skinissue lets talk about acne there are afew ways that this could have happenedand starting in the beginning it couldhave certainly happened from poundingdown that fructose in those sugars whichcould have raised triglycerides and ledto an acne problem in the first placeTims acne could have been increasing inseverity because of zinc a lowering zincstatus over time because the absorptionof zinc from plants is largely dependenton phytatesand in theory as this study simulated ahealthy gut biome can digest all of thephytate and therefore can absorb thiszinc but Tim definitely did not have ahealthy cut biome so Tim wasnt able toabsorb the zinc we dont know exactlywhen it got low but it was low at theend of the ordeal and a lower zincstatus is associated with acne and skinand zinc are just very connectedobviously taking a zinc supplement wouldhave been the quickest way to get hisink status up but there are other thingsyou can do in terms of plants soakingplants gets rid of phytates and you canalso increase the bioavailability ofzinc and whole grains by cooking themwith garlic and onions the secondpossibility and this is something Ivebeen wanting to talk about for a whileand that is high doses of b12 now Idont know what level of b12 Tim wastaking but if you are trying to be ashealthy as possible on a vegan diet youmight be slamming down high doses of b12every single day however a small portionof people are sort of hyper respondersin terms of acne too high dose b12 whathappens is your bodys b12 levels get sohigh that the actual bacteria on yourface goes oh I dont need to make my ownb12 anymore and then gets kind ofdysfunctional from this simpleLiveScience explanation of a study onthe topic quote the researchersconfirmed that the b12 supplementrepressed the expressions of genes in Pacnes involved in synthesizing thevitamin this acne reaction to high doseb12 happen in 10% of the subjects and soif this did happen to Tim he was justkind of dealt a bad deck of cards and ifit indeed was an issue forit makes sense because the moment hewent on fish and eggs he knows thosewould be 12 I dont need to take b12anymore all sudden hes not taking thosehigh doses and that could help us againclear up and maybe he wasnt taking highdoses at all maybe this was totally notit but just so people know you donthave to take super high doses from thisstudy a small dose of vitamin b12 wasable to get all of the subjects in thestudy out of deficiency now before I getto solutions that could have potentiallymaybe worked for Tim I want to talkabout Bonnies case a little bit becausesome of the solutions overlap it seemsthat Bonnies main issue was before shewent vegan she had bad constipation herentire life she then went vegan nolonger had a fiber deficiency and didnthave that problem anymore but then overtime it became a bit of an IBS situationnot as bad as Tims clearly she had painshe had sensitivity a certain area andshe had higher levels of inflammationand Im assuming her naturopath whoeverit was tested her c-reactive protein andfound that it was high and it is worthnoting that vegans have about 30% lowerc-reactive protein be curious to seewhat her inflammation levels were beforebut clearly they were still high andsomething needed to be done about thatmain thing that he was concerned aboutwhich was very high inflammatory markersso I had a lot of information and thatwas kind of his main concern chronicinflammation can lead to you know thingslike autoimmune diseaseshes protocol to help those things thathe was mainly concerned about which wasthe inflammation bacterial imbalance isto change my diet adding in fish andeggs and this is where I got a littleconfused in the video so she decided todo the fish and egg thing and did herdigestive symptoms get better it was alittle unclear maybe they did maybeshes still working on it I dont knowIm gonna be honest looking at Timsituation he was facing potentiallybeing hospitalized for being underweighthe also had the insomnia and thedepression like I understand that butwith all due respect when I look atwhats going on with Bonnie I just dontnecessarily think she really needed togive up veganism I understand that whenshe saw Tims problems being solved shemight think oh it will solve my problemsas well but from the video it didntseem like it had a dramatic effect onherI just wasnt completely sold maybe shewas selling her own suffering a littlebit short in contrast to Timsher digestion did get 100% better Idont know but looking at something likeeggs eggs are the main source ofcholesterol in the u.s. diet at leastand so sort of trading some short-termdiscomfort for a increased risk of ourleading killer in the West now I want toget into potential solutions this onemight apply to both of them but I thinkit more applies to bonny and it mightcome off as really oversimplified butthat is about the connection betweenexercise and movement and digestiondigestion and activity have a prettyintimate connection I mean theres areason that when we make a bioreactor itoften has an agitator which catalyzesincreases the chemical reaction andhumans are just meant to move you mayhave seen my recent video where I wentto Europe with Lindy and thats why Iwanted to bring this up because shesuffers from a lot of these same IBStype issues she used to have a reallybad digestion before she went vegan butshe still has some of these issues butwhen we were walking all the time inEurope they essentially a hundredpercent cleared up I know itscompletely absurd to say Bonnie if youjust would have walked more than youwouldnt have had these issues likethats probably really annoying to hearbut I did witness this happenedfirsthand and of course you know metheres some research behind it lookingto this meta-analysis of 683 patientswith IBS from 14 randomized controltrials quote the results of this reviewsuggested exercise had significantbenefits for patients with IBS but I hadto add this because its prettyhilarious but studies were limited bythe strong risk of bias philic bothstudies should say that but obviouslythey were looking at other peoplesstudies that could have been biased thisnext study took women put them on alight exercise regimen and their IBSsymptoms improved leading theresearchers to go as far as to say quotephysical activities should be used as aprimary treatment modality in IBS i justknow that bonnie used to be a dancer andthen she got injured and so she was ableto exercise less so that might be anissue with tim it might have nothing todo with that all right lets move on nowfor a solution that applies to both ofthem as bonnie said it turns out itsnot what animal protein has its what itdoesnt have and that is fiber fibresgood for you fiber is really importantfor in a healthy bowel movements and ahealthy gut but there is such thing astoo much fiber and especially when youhavedamage cut that is for whatever reasonthey were both agitated by fiber and myresponse to that is that its possibleto create a vegan diet on paper thatlooks basically exactly the same as thediet that theyre eating right now thediet and soft Tims problems for simpleexample lets compare what they might beeating now to a even lower fiber fullyvegan situation for example their lowerplant plus egg breakfast verse acompletely vegan low fiber one so maybethey have a 600 calorie breakfast ofpotatoes and an omelet which is 5 gramsof fiber total and compare that to a 600calorie bowl of cream of wheat with 2tablespoons of cashew butter which isactually only 3 and a half grams offiber and thats just an example maybeother whole the grains would be betterthan wheat it also could have been goodto actually work with the specialist onthis and design a low fiber plant-basedmeal plan that could have worked forthem talking to somebody like Angiesadeghi or even reaching out to goji manwhos become a bit of a specialist inthis area of gut issues all right nowmoving on to a a bit of a left-fieldsolution here that people are gonna be alittle bit shocked that Im putting outthere and that is oil now we have tothink back in the situation here Tim isswitching up his diet a lot and he keepslosing weight it keeps feeling worsewell what food is better at having zerofibre and putting on as much weight aspossible then oil oil is the ultimateobesity food its one of the only waysthat vegans can become obese and yes Istill think its the vegan killer itstill damages arteries and so forth inthe long run but that was not theconcern here and I have to add onceagain that oil in terms of its negativeeffects is still a pretty big step lowerthan animal products for example coconutoil still raises LDL less than butterheck even mock meats might have had thesame result as trying that fish in eggsI dont know so to sum it up Tim couldhave possibly ended up with the samesolution by eating the same foods onpaper but vegan he also probably wouldhave benefited from lowering his dose ofb12 if he was taking a high dose gettingthose omega-3s in the diet getting agood source of zinc whether that meantsupplementing or not I Ronadding some oil in as a low-fiberhigh-calorie food and finally maybe bothof them would benefit from doing someexercise or even just walking afterevery meal to get things going butperhaps most important point is that Itotally understand what Tim went throughwe went through a lot of pain theinsomnia just what having acne does toyour self-esteem and so forth so Ireally think of this mainly as a failureof the vegan medical community not to belike vegan doctors suck but just that wedont have this infrastructure that weneed to have now some vegan whos amillionaire really wanted to make adifference they could open a medicalclinic that had really good distanceservices that have like a fund availableto get people these digestive tests andmake it really user friendly because thereality is here speaking figurativelyeven if 99% of vegans have improveddigestion and have no gut issues even if1% do because of how many people thatare now vegan were looking at tens ofthousands of people with got issues andthere are many causes of this thatarent the vegan diet in particular wehave those antibiotics we havepreservatives we have things likechloramine in the waterwe have those non-steroidalanti-inflammatories like ibuprofen gotsedentary issues weve got super highsalt diets the modern world is simply agut killerand just because vegans have betterhealth metrics overall Ive said thisbefore it does not mean theyreinvincible vegans are still gonna haveissues and so its good to betransparent about that still a lot morepeople die of heart disease than IBS andits worth noting that about 10 to 15%of the normal population has IBS sodont forget that but if we can nip allthese issues in the butt then we can letmore people be vegan and healthier longterm and save animals and have a lowerimpact on the environment now when weexpress my final concern which is a bitof a sensitive topic and that is thatbecause her video by the time this onesout well probably have a quartermillion views in about 24 hours whichmeans itll probably make her somewhereclose to $1,000 in a day and because inthe past shes made her money as asocial-media influencer who has madevegan content the logical thing would beto just keep sharing what shes eatingand basically accidentally become a sortof ex vegan figure but final point intheir favor the fact that theyre stilleating 90 ish percent plant-based andnot just going full carnivorein mukbang all over the place isdefinitely good on them and so for memostly Im sad that they felt like theyneeded to quit because they clearlydidnt want to and they dont want to beeating meat and so thats justunfortunate hey let me know down belowwhat you think and if youve had IBS andis specifically cleared up IBS on avegan diet definitely let us know downbelow Im thinking in the future I mightdo a video with goji man going throughsolutions for people who have IBS on avegan diet so forth alright thats itfor today feel free to like andsubscribe and Ill see you in the nextvideo[Music]Bonny and her partner Tim have quit veganism. Here is my response with a few evidence-based hypotheses, research on their problems, and potential solutions. РLinks and Sources Р Р@micthevegan My Cookbook: TIY Tiny House Channel: My EXTRA 25% off first purchase (+free 30 day trial) at Thrive Market here: Bonnys Original Video: Fructose Absorption Limit 50g: As Low as 15 g for some IBS patients: SIBO and Leaky Gut Study: Parasites and Leaky Gut: Greger DHA video: Triglycerides and Acne: Zinc and Acne: Phytates Should be Digested in Theory Study: B12 High Dose Acne Connection in 10%: IBS and Exercise: Physical activity should be used as a primary IBS treatment: 14% of US population has IBS: Sedṳ̣o Moment̢nea by Roulet: #Vegan #Bonny #Response


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