Can I Use Sawzall Blades In A Hackzall

A: Yes, they are compatible with the Hackzall.

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  • What Projects Do You Need a Hackzall For?

    Being a smaller size and the one-handed operation of the Hackzall makes it more suitable for projects that require detailed cuts and finesse. The smaller and more compact form of this saw also makes it more suitable for projects that require cuts in places that would be hard to reach with a larger saw.

    Because of its smaller size, the Hackzall is more suitable for thinner pieces of material. It also doesn’t have that much power, at least not when you compare it to a Sawzall, so you might want to keep that in mind as you’re attempting to determine which tool is the best one for the job at hand.

    How Do You Use a Sawzall?

    The Sawzall is shaped and styled similarly to a standard reciprocating saw. As such, they are two-handed power tools, with one hand placed on the forward end support and the other one, on the rear trigger support.

    To maintain stability while you’re using a Sawzall, make sure one of your hands is placed on the trigger and the other on the guard above the blade. The distinctions are comparable to those between a handgun and a rifle, considering their distinct characteristics and similar general applications.

    While certain reciprocating saws may be used with one hand, they are not adequately balanced for single-handed operation. The Sawzall is a two-handed cutting instrument which, unlike the Hacksaw that resembles a power drill in terms of how you hold it, is similar to a chainsaw in that specific aspect.


    Does a Milwaukee Hackzall use Sawzall blades?

    The Milwaukee 49-00-5324 is a 3-1/2 in Metal Scroll M12 HACKZALL reciprocating saw Blade designed for precision metal cuts, and optimized for use with the M12 HACKZALL Reciprocating Saw.

    What’s the difference between a Sawzall and a Hackzall?

    Cutting Power and Strength

    The Sawzall and the Hackzall also differ when it comes to their core strength and, as a result, their cutting power. That being said, more Sawzall models are comparable to other reciprocating saws when it comes to cutting wood, metal, and PVC.

    Are Sawzall blades interchangeable?

    Yes, reciprocating saw blades have a universal shank that is standardized to fit all reciprocating saws.

    Is a reciprocating saw the same as a hacksaw?

    The main difference between a hacksaw and a reciprocating saw is that a hacksaw is used to cut through metal or other hard materials, while a reciprocating saw is used to cut through wood, plastic, and other soft materials.

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