Chris Evans Whip Cream Movie

A spoof on Freddie Prinze Jr.’s She’s All That character, Evans played the dim football player with ease, although there was one scene that required the young actor to wear nothing but some strategically placed whipped cream and one very special banana.

Chris Evans Isn’t Embarrassed At All

Fans might think that Chris Evans would regret his earlier role, especially given his notoriety today. But the actor had a healthy perspective on the awkward gig, and its pretty refreshing.

But, its notwhat almost made him quit acting — far from it.

Rather than slamming the film or saying he regretted appearing with his whipped cream and banana fit, Evans admitted that he doesnt mind the aftermath of the zany scene following him around even now.

The actor said he was “just so happy to be on a job” that he didnt even care about the awkwardly placed banana. Even seeing the movie today, Chris says he was earning his stripes, so its all good.

Chris Evans’ First Real Role Was Awkward

He did have a few minor parts before his first epic on-screen moment. But it was Not Another Teen Movie that really put Chris Evans out there. Of course, it wasnt without sacrifice.

Though hes sustained on-set injuries in other roles, this one was uncomfortable for a different reason. In Not Another Teen Movie, Chris Evans dons whipped cream and a strategically placed banana for a scene.

Given the nature of the movie, the scene wasnt exactly out of place. But how does Captain America feel about that old footage now?

With the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, we bet you can guess which side we’re on. In celebration of our studly Cap’ we decided to pay homage to the glorious Chris Evans. Here are 16 Chris Evans movies that nearly made you expire from the hotness.

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