Cobertura Maven Plugin Java 8

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I was able to get it working by manually updating the ASM dependency used by the cobetura-maven-plugin. Here is a link with more details:

It is an open issue to make it understand new classformat ,

This also happens if you have a cobertura plugin in your and sections. Remove one and the problem will go away.

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    Does cobertura support java8?

    cobertura-maven-plugin does not support Java 1.8 properly #21.

    How do I use cobertura maven plugin?

    Cobertura Code Coverage Report

    Do nothing, just type the following Maven command to download and run the maven-cobertura-plugin automatically. Maven will generate the Cobertura code coverage report at ${project}/target/site/cobertura/index. html . Please refer to this Cobertura Maven Plugin for more examples.

    How do I install cobertura?

    Configuring the Cobertura Plugin
    1. Install the cobertura plugin (via Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins)
    2. Configure your project’s build script to generate cobertura XML reports (See below for examples with Ant and Maven2)
    3. Enable the “Publish Cobertura Coverage Report” publisher.
    4. Specify the directory where the coverage.

    How do I add cobertura plugin to Eclipse?

    Step 2: Select eCobertura Code Coverage, click “next”, and then follow the steps in the installation wizard. Now that eCobertura is installed, restart Eclipse and show the coverage session view under Windows → Show View → Other → Cobertura.

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