Crystal Vs Louisiana Hot Sauce

Louisiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce ReviewProduct Name: Louisiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce

Overall Opinion:

Louisiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce is an average hot sauce. It’s good and simple, but nothing extra special.

It definitely has a mild spice level.

The sauce is red in color and has a runny thin texture, so be sure to shake before using.

The heat comes from the aged peppers, but is nothing too intense at all.

The sauce has very few ingredients, so there isn’t too much depth of flavor.

Overall, it’s a pretty average, but yummy, hot sauce.

Overall Appearance

Louisiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce has a thin and runny consistency.


This sauce smells like pepper and vinegar, mostly vinegar.

Spice Level/ Heat

It has a mild spice level, but it’s still delicious.

Overall Taste

This sauce is good, but nothing special. It tastes the same as many other sauces out there.

The main flavor is vinegar and peppers, so it’s very simple with no major depth of flavor.

Ingredient Analysis

Louisiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce has a very small number of ingredients- Aged Red Cayenne Peppers, Vinegar, and Salt.

This mix of ingredients really creates a simple but tasty sauce you can use in a multitude of recipes.

Cooked Taste Test

When I added it to chicken and allowed it to cook a bit, the sauce developed a little more of the spice and vinegar taste.

The sauce definitely seemed stronger after it had been warmed up.


The 12 oz bottle costs $1.76. That’s an incredibly affordable hot sauce!


I couldn’t find any guarantees on their website.

Where To Buy

To buy Louisiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce: Click Here

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It should also come as no surprise that Crystal Hot Sauce is among the most versatile hot sauces on the market. That eatable heat and balanced flavor makes it just delicious on near anything. I tried it on eggs, pizza, and steak — delicious across the board. It provides just the right amount of cayenne pepper and salt kick that I like while eating a steak or any other meat protein.

Crystal Hot Sauce delivers more pepper mash flavor (spicy and peppery) right at the top compared to Tabasco and other Louisiana-style hot sauce competitors. The vinegar tang is still there, but it’s more subdued than Tabasco’s bolder tang. It shares the spotlight with the pepper mash in just the right ways.

Crystal Hot Sauce is extremely popular — Baumer Foods (its parent company) processes more than 4.5 million gallons of the hot sauce annually. So, you’ll find it easily in most well-stocked grocery stores. It’s not hard to find, but it can be overlooked due to the brand cachet of the other Louisiana-style hot sauces that surround it on the shelf. It shares space with Tabasco, Texas Pete, Louisiana Hot Sauce, among others.

Even though Crystal Hot Sauce only has three ingredients, the taste seems bigger than that ingredient list. The balance is spot on, making everything taste “more”. There’s a surprising depth due to the pepper mash and the vinegar being more equal flavor partners.

Crystal Hot Sauce is a perfect every day “driver” for your table. Its low-medium heat is very eatable, and the flavor is well-balanced between peppery bite and vinegar tang.


Is Crystal Hot Sauce the same as Louisiana?

Crystal Hot Sauce is a brand of Louisiana-style hot sauce produced by family-owned Baumer Foods since 1923. 3 million US gallons (11,000,000 L) of Crystal Hot Sauce are shipped per year to 75 countries.

Is Louisiana hot sauce hotter than Crystal?

There’s a long-standing feud between “Louisiana” Hot Sauce and Crystal Pure Louisiana Hot Sauce over which is the “ORIGINAL” Louisiana-based sauce. However, no one can deny that Crystal’s is hotter (clocking in at 4,000 SHU).

How spicy is Crystal Hot Sauce?

Crystal’s parent company, Baumer Foods, processes more than 12 million gallons of cayenne pepper mash annually just outside New Orleans, resulting in 3 million gallons of Crystal hot sauce, shipped to more than 75 countries each year.

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