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In the latest update of Don’t Starve Together on June 6th, we saw the introduction of Don’t Starves latest character Wormwood. As with most of Don’t Starve’s characters, Wormwood comes with his own unique abilities and characteristics:

play as Wormwood I personally cannot wait to get my hands on Wormwood! I picked up a Mandrake the other day in one of my games and Wormwood reminds me of my new love! I wasn’t aware Mandrake’s were so rare until now.


As a trade-off, players can use Manure, Guano, or Bucket-o-poop to regain 2 Health. I still recommend sticking to Honey Poultice or Healing Salves for healing, though using Manure in the early game can come in handy.

Special Power (Hamlet )

Main article: Green Thumb Tab

Wormwoods main perk is access to the exclusive Green Thumb Tab. This gives him the ability to craft 5 unique items. These items are:

  • Living Log – Used in making Poison balm, Bramble Husk, and Bramble Trap. Costs 20 to craft. Also used in a number of recipes that arent specific to Wormwood.
  • Poison Balm – Cures Poison.
  • Bramble Husk – When worn: provides protection, deals damage to all Mobs around Wormwood when he is hit, and prevents damage from Brambles and Bramble Traps.
  • Bramble Trap – Works similarly to a Tooth Trap, dealing less damage but to all mobs in the area around the trap rather than to one target.
  • Compost Wrap – Restores 30 .
  • Wormwood can plant Seeds and Crop Seeds without a Farm. Seeds planted this way take four days to grow fully, and they yield the same foods that they would if grown on a farm. He can plant seeds on most turfs, excluding things such as Rocky Turf, Checkerboard Flooring, and Volcanic Turf. These plants look the same as if grown on farms, and if burned before reaching full growth they yield Cooked Seeds.

    He can fertilize himself with Manure, Guano, or Bucket-o-poop to regain 2 . A Bucket-o-poop can be used this way five times, for a total of 10 .

    No Food item changes his health in any way, so items such as Monster Lasagna can be consumed without taking any damage.

    Snaptooth Seedlings, Snaptooth Flytraps, Hanging Vines, and Eyeplants are neutral towards him. Snaptooth enemies will still attack Wormwood if he carries any meat items (including eggs) too close to them, so caution should be taken.

    Wormwood blooms in Spring, Monsoon Season and Lush Season in three stages, gaining a faster walking speed and higher hunger drain depending on the stage. This effect increases until 2/3 of the way through the season, when his blossom will close up and he reverts to his normal form during the last 1/3 of the season.

    Stage Movement Speed Multiplier Hunger Drain Multiplier
    0 1 1
    1 1.06 1.33
    2 1.13 1.66
    3 1.2 2

    During the third stage of blooming, Wormwoods flower will open up and a small particle effect of pollen will begin to fall from his head. In addition to this, everywhere he steps in this form will begin to grow small tufts of grass and flowers. This trail of flowers and grass is more than cosmetic, however, and will attract Bees. This generally results in them attacking Wormwood due to their more aggressive Spring or Monsoon form, so caution should be taken. The bees may play the animation as though pollinating these flowers, but they will not generate honey using them. It should be noted that while the flowers are only visible during the peak of Wormwoods blooming phase, Bees are attracted to him throughout all of Monsoon, Spring, and Lush season.

    Wormwood is immune to Hay Fever, which usually comes during the Lush Season.

    As said above, Food items will neither increase nor decrease Wormwoods health. This limits the usefulness of items such as Dragonpie and Pierogi, restricting him to non-edible healing items.

    In addition, Wormwood loses when most plants near him are destroyed within a five-tile radius, even if the damage is not caused by him.

  • -2 from burned trees, flowers, seeds, saplings and grass tufts. Saplings, grass tufts, and tree seeds will cause sanity loss even if burned as an item on the ground. The amount of items in the stack does not change the sanity drain.
  • -2 from trees, saplings or grass tufts being knocked over or uprooted by things such as the Hippopotamooses jumping attack or the stomp from the Old Bell.
  • -5 from picking Flowers or digging up tree stumps, Grass Tufts, Saplings, Coffee Plants, Bamboo Patches, Viney Bushes and Nettle Vines.
  • -15 from chopping down a tree at any growth tier, including burned trees.
  • There is no sanity drain associated with some plants, such as Weathered Trees, Ferns and Spiky Bushes.

    Wormwood also catches fire more easily than other characters. Wormwood is able to be frozen by the Ice Flingomatic in a similar way to mobs. It will take two projectiles from the Ice Flingomatic in quick succession to freeze him. Wormwood is also vulnerable to the effects of Smoldering in Summer, although this is very rare.

    In Hamlet worlds, he spawns near three Rocks and four Ancient Walls instead of the Hot Air Balloon (which could otherwise be hammered for resources). There is still a Machete nearby.

    How do I keep Wortox sane?

    To easily farm Souls, players can keep a few Flowers around their base and kill the Butterflies that spawn. This method also allows the player to easily regain sanity by catching, planting, and picking Butterflies.


  • Essential Wormwood
  • Wormwoods Oasis Bound Skin Set
  • Wormwoods Roseate Skin Set
  • Wormwoods Hollow Skin Set
  • FAQ

    What can Wormwood craft?

    Wormwood’s main perk is access to the exclusive Green Thumb Tab. This gives him the ability to craft 4 items that cannot be crafted by any other character. Wormwood also has a number of other perks, chief of which is the ability to plant Seeds and Plant Seeds without the need of a Garden Digamajig or Garden Hoe.

    What food heals the most in don’t starve together?

    The Honey Ham is a useful food source from the Meat Food category since it heals a player by quite a lot while also providing a decent Sanity recovery. Moreover, players can make Honey Ham with just about any type of meat (Morsel, Meat, Normal Meat, Monster Meat, and Leafy Meat).

    • +30 Health.
    • +75 Hunger.
    • +5 Sanity.

    What heals you in don’t starve together?

    Spider glands can be used to make Healing Salve, which in turn will heal players up to 20 points. These never spoil also, so this is a perfect thing to start stockpiling on when preparing for a long adventure away from camp. And thankfully, they are easy to make with 2 Ash, 1 Rock, and 1 Spider Gland.

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