Endorphin Rush Hot Sauce

Some maniacal folks near Chicago decided, a few years, back that Daves Insanity needed a little competition. The name for this sauce comes from the chemical endorphin. Naturally produced by the human brain to help relieve pain, it has the same effect as morphine. Endorphin Rush may give you that radical sensation, but then again, so will hitting your thumb with a hammer!

At Peppers of Key West, we love the unique, original, and bizarre. This sauce is not bizarre, but it is unique and original. It’s also very, very hot and that makes it even better. Okay, so some might find it bizarre that we like to consume food at heat levels most mortals would be physically sickened by, but that’s okay- you know the deal and love it as much as we do.

Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce is a very unique hot sauce. Aptly named, this is one of the original, really hot – hot sauces. It’s basically tomato paste, soy sauce, sugar, and pepper extract. You will absolutely release some endorphins when you taste this. So, what’s so unique about Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce? Well, it has soy sauce as one of it’s ingredients. That makes for a very versatile sauce that can be used in Asian cuisine with relative ease. Where more traditional tomato or vinegar based sauces fail to translate well into many Asian dishes, Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce comes through with flying colors.

One of the Hottest sauces ever! The Rush that goes beyond hot! You may need a trip to the “E.R.” after trying this stuff!

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