Hayward Pool Heater Ce Code

Control Module’s Faulty Wiring or Improper Connection

The defective connection or improper wiring of the Hayward heater control module is another reason for which your heater displays the CE code. The heater’s control module automates and controls the ventilation and heating operation. The factors that cause this trouble are:

  • Heater’s power source issue
  • Control module’s damaged wiring
  • Faulty wiring of display interface
  • Control module and display interface plug’s insecure or inappropriate connection
  • Display interface assembly or control module’s malfunction
  • What is Hayward Heater H5 Code?

    Some people mistake the H5 code on their Hayward heater, but really it’s the HS code on a Hayward heater which is a water temperature sensing error that can mean either of two things.

    How To Fix Hayward Pool Heater Code CE [5 Easy Solutions]

    CE stands for “Communication Error.” CE means the display board and ignition control board’s communications error. In simple words, the Hayward pool heater service code ce indicates the control module’s communication error. The factors causing the CE code in heater and their resolving ways are the following:

    Note: You can also read how to fix Hayward pool heater error codes problem.


    How do I fix error code CE on a Hayward pool heater?

    CE indicates a Communications Error between the ignition control board and the display board. First, try removing and then reconnecting power to the heater. Second, check the wiring to make sure that it is securely connected.

    How do I reset my Hayward pool heater?

    Hayward pool heaters can be reset through the circuit breaker by simply unplugging all connected devices and turning the breaker off and on. When resetting through the interface keypad, just press the MODE button and set the heater on STANDBY before returning it to either SPA or POOL mode.

    What does the code Bo mean on a Hayward pool heater?

    bo Bypass Operation mode This is NOT an error code. If the user sees “bo” in the display, the TCM is in Bypass Operation mode. To exit “Bypass Operation” mode, select “STANDBY” mode, then press and hold both the “DOWN” and “MODE” buttons for 3 sec- onds (until the “bo” code is no longer displayed).

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