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The Three Tiers of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

There are three tiers of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.

  • Gold: Everyone starts at the Gold level and starts earning points with his or her first rental. For a rental to count toward free rental days, you must book the “Pay Later” rate with your member number. After seven rentals, Gold-level members can experience one day of next-tier perks with Five Star for a Day.
  • Five Star: Normally, achieving Five Star status requires at least 10 rentals or spending $2,000 per year. The renter is entitled to a one-car-class upgrade (up to a premium car) and a 25% bonus on each reservation. After 15 rentals, Five Star-level members can experience one day of next-tier perks with President’s Circle for a Day.
  • President’s Circle: To hit President’s Circle status, you need 15 rentals or you must spend at least $3,000 per year. The renter is entitled to a guaranteed one-car-class upgrade (up to a premium car). There’s also a 50% point bonus on each reservation, designated parking spaces at major airports and a vehicle guarantee if you book at least 24 hours in advance. It’s great to have a guaranteed car when everyone else is told “no cars available”. President’s Circle members can also upgrade to any available car on the lot after their 30th and 40th rentals. They can also use Hertz Valet, an airport shuttle service, after their 15th, 20th and 40th rentals at select airport locations.
  • How to Use Your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points

    Use your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards on a reservation by logging into your account and selecting “rent a car” on the top left-hand side of the website. Fill out your destination, pick up and drop off dates and times, and choose the car type you want. Underneath the “car rental type” selection box, you will see where you can check the box that says “Use my Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points.”

    Hot Tip: For all rentals in North America using points, a 24-hour advanced reservation is required.

    Once you hit “submit,” you will see a list of available cars and prices. However, you won’t be able to see any points yet. This can be confusing, but hang in there and continue with the booking process. Once you get to the “Review & Book” step, you will be able to see your options to use your points.

    At the top of the page in a yellow outlined area, you will be able to see all of your options for using your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. Depending on how many points you have and the cost of the rental in points, you can choose to use points for 1, 2, 3 or more days. You will notice that the cash total will change depending on how much of the rental you plan to pay for with points.

    Hertz Gold Canopy Service

    Pay attention to the number of days you are renting. When searching for a 2-day rental, there is still an option to use 3 days’ worth of points, which would waste an entire days’ worth of points if you’re not careful.

    In May 2019, Hertz massively increased the price of their awards and entirely removed weekend rental discounts. One-day rentals now start at 750 and can vary based on car type, location, and length of rental. For a full list of rental prices in points, click here. Otherwise, these are the basics:

    Length of Rental Standard Rewards Pricing in Points AnyDay Rewards Pricing in Points
    1 free rental day 750 1,500
    1 free rental day (one-way) 1,500 3,000
    1 free weekly rental 3,750 7,500

    Hertz now has penalties that apply to all reward bookings:

  • Cancel within 24 hours of booking – full points refund
  • Cancel after 24 hours of booking up to pick-up time – Gold member 50% penalty, Five Star member 25% penalty, President’s Circle no penalty
  • No show or cancel after pick-up time – no refund, all points forfeited
  • Even if you are paying for your entire car rental with points, you will still be required to pay all taxes and fees. When you are considering which credit card to use to pay for your the taxes and fees on an award rental (or for the entire rental if you aren’t using points), don’t forget to choose a card that earns multiple points per dollar on car rentals.

    These cards will earn 2x points/$1 spent at any Hertz location on top of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points you will earn:

    Earn 3x points/$1 spent on your Hertz car rental with these cards:

    Earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Status Through Status Match

    While the Amex Platinum Card doesn’t offer any direct elite status with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you can get status through their tier status matching program. You will need to join National’s Emerald Club Executive program through your American Express card to take advantage of the matching program.

    Once you are a member of the Emerald Club Executive program from National, you will need to submit a status match form to Hertz. The status match form can be found here. After the process is complete, you should receive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star status.


    Do Hertz Gold members get free upgrades?

    • Gold. Always Free. Earn 1 points for every $1. Ultimate Choice: Wide selection. Free Additional Driver 3
    • Five Star. 10 rentals or $20003 Earn 1.25 points for every $1. Upgrades: As available. Ultimate Choice: Wider selection. …
    • President’s Circle. 15 rentals or $30003 Earn 1.5 points for every $1. Upgrades: Guaranteed *

    How do you use Hertz Gold?

    Earn Gold Plus Rewards® points toward free car rental days and upgrades at Hertz locations around the world – including luxury vehicle rentals from Hertz Dream Cars Collection.

    How do I get Hertz President’s Circle for free?

    To redeem points and reserve a car online, log in to hertz.com and make a reservation. Check the box that reads, “Use my Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points.” If your itinerary qualifies for a reward, you’ll see your options on the “Review and Book” page. For further help, view these instructions.

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