Home Depot Truck Rental Daily Rate

Have you recently bought a new sofa that won’t fit into your vehicle––and refuse to pay the store’s high delivery fees? Do you need to move some items into a storage unit? Are you considering a DIY move because hiring a pro isn’t in your moving budget? A Home Depot truck rental could provide the ideal solution. But before you reserve a truck and pay the deposit, know the pros, cons and variables of renting a truck from Home Depot.

In this review, we’ll cover everything from Home Depot truck rental costs, truck options, rental requirements and more so you can make an informed decision.

How much does it cost to rent a truck from Home Depot? A Home Depot rental pickup truck or van will cost you $19 for 75 minutes, $129 per day, or $903 per week. A regular box truck will cost a little more at$29 for the 75 minutes, $139 per day, or $973 per week. However, all require a $150 deposit.

What to Know About Truck Rental

Must be at least 21 years of age and have a current U.S. or Canadian driver’s license

Proof of automobile insurance is only required for Load ‘N Go rentals*

Must make rental payments with a valid credit card

Rental vehicles must be refueled before returned**

Rent Load N Go Pickup Trucks or Cargo Vans at the Home Depot Rental Center or Special Service Desk at your local Home Depot.

  • No purchase necessary
  • Save money on delivery fees
  • Additional rates/fees may apply
  • F250 Flatbed Truck The F250 flatbed truck combines tough towing power with a spacious flatbed to safely and easily transport large items locally.

    T250 Flatbed Truck The T250 flatbed truck has the longest flatbed (10) in our fleet to help you get even the largest items where you need them to be.

    Cargo Vans The Home Depot vans are a great option for quick, short distance hauls around town.

    HD Moving Box Truck The Home Depot moving box truck is the perfect solution for moving a small apartment or putting items into storage.

    or call 1-888-996-5415 to reserve a vehicle

    Penske Rates One Way:Flat rate with unlimited miles Round Trip:Varied RatesRates determined by hours or days needed and final mileage.

    12 ft. Moving Trucks Ideal for moving a dorm, studio, or efficiency apartment

    16 ft. Moving Trucks Ideal for moving an efficiency or one-bedroom apartment

    22 ft. Moving Trucks Ideal for moving a 1-3 bedroom home

    26 ft. Moving Trucks The largest consumer rental truck in our fleet, it is ideal for moving a 3-5 bedroom home

    Home Depot Rent a Truck Options Explained

    Home Depot Truck RentalsAre you looking to rent a truck at Home Depot? Maybe you have bought or sold a home and need a truck rental for your move? The Home Depot rent-a-truck option has become very popular with those making a DIY move.

    When you think of Home Depot, you naturally think of products to help with your home improvement projects, but they offer rental trucks as well. Some people have no idea they offer moving services.

    Those who realize there is more to Home Depot than home improvement needs, forgo hiring professional movers to rent their own truck instead. It is another DIY project with competitive rental pricing that makes it attractive, especially when moving short distances.

    They have a few different sizes of vehicles to suit your purposes, which could be great for a local move.

    They offer plenty of rental options, allowing you to rent a truck from your nearest Home Depot when you need it. A Home Depot truck rental cost is apparent, with no hidden fees to surprise you.

    However, Home Depot truck rentals won’t be for everyone, as their prices can quickly get expensive. Their basic rental prices cover 75 minutes of use of the vehicle, and they charge you for every additional 15 minutes beyond you are agreed return time.

    You also can’t reserve the truck you want in advance, leading to problems if the type of truck you need isn’t available.

    Let’s take an in-depth look at the moving truck options offered by Home Depot and what they will cost you. Before we do that, however, we’ll discuss finding Home Depot locations near you to find a truck.

    By the time you’re done reading, you will have everything your need to know about renting a truck from this big box store.

    Home Depot moving truck rental cost factors

    Moving truck rental prices are largely determined by supply and demand. If a lot of other people are moving when you are, prices will be higher. Supply and demand isn’t the sole determining factor, though. Your price will also be affected by a few other factors:

  • Your move date
  • When you book
  • Taxes
  • Mileage
  • Add-on rentals and services
  • Moving coverage
  • If you want to learn a little more about these factors and how they can affect your price, check out our guide to moving costs.

    The prices for Load ‘N Go trucks can also differ from what Home Depot lists on its website. The exact price for your Load ‘N Go truck will depend on the availability at the location where you get your truck.

    However, a few of the factors listed above like moving coverage, environmental fees, and mileage (which we’ll talk about more in a second) don’t apply to Load ‘N Go rentals. This makes prices for Home Depot’s Load ‘N Go trucks a little more stable and predictable than Penske’s rates.

    Home Depot’s Load N’ Go trucks come with unlimited mileage. This really sets Load ‘N Go rentals apart since renting a truck for a local move from any other company means getting charged for every mile you drive.

    The industry average mileage rate for a local truck rental is $0.73. This might not seem like a lot, but if you have to drive your truck 50 miles or more, your final price might be more than double your original quote. Home Depot’s unlimited mileage means you never have to worry about how far you’re driving.

    Keep in mind that this only applies to Load ‘N Go rentals, not Penske trucks rented through Home Depot. Every Penske moving truck comes with a $1.29/mile rate for local moves, though Penske does offer unlimited mileage for one-way rentals.

    Home Depot’s unlimited mileage almost makes up for how small its trucks are since it means you can make multiple trips without affecting your final price. Just remember to keep an eye on the clock and refill the truck’s gas tank before you return it. If you bring your truck back late or running on fumes, you’ll end up paying more.

    Ready to get your quote?

    Check Home Depot’s availability in your area and get your quote to see exactly how much your move will cost in a Home Depot truck.

    Penske trucks rented from Home Depot come with all of Penske’s coverage options, including things like roadside assistance, damage waivers, and liability coverage.

    For Load ‘N Go rentals, however, Home Depot doesn’t offer any moving coverage. To get a Load ‘N Go truck, you need to bring proof of automobile insurance. If you get in an accident while driving your Home Depot truck, any coverage will have to come from your personal policy.

    Keep in mind that automobile insurance often comes with vehicle weight limits, so double-check your policy to ensure your Home Depot moving truck will be covered if you get in an accident.

    Unfortunately, Home Depot doesn’t provide any roadside assistance for its Load ‘N Go rental trucks. This isn’t a huge deal since these trucks are only available for local moves and you’re unlikely to run into any serious problems moving up the street. If you catch a flat or your engine dies, though, you’ll have to pay for your tow yourself.


    How much does it cost to run a truck at Home Depot?

    You can rent a Home Depot brand truck for $19 or $29 for 75 minutes and $5 for each 15-minute increment. Day rentals cost. A box truck will run $29 for 75 minutes, $139 for the day or $973 for a weekly rental.

    Will Home Depot load your truck?

    Pro Loaders are in-store associates dedicated to loading your truck, flatbed, trailer or shop van with the supplies you need to get the job done. They have the skills, equipment and knowhow to take loading concerns off your hands and help you get back to what you do best.

    Can you use a debit card to rent a truck from Home Depot?

    6. Can you rent a Home Depot truck with a debit card? No. You will need a valid credit card for the deposit.

    Do Home Depot trucks have ramps?

    The only extra security feature you may want is a pack of furniture pads, which Home Depot sells right in the store. Plus, the box truck comes with a loading ramp, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your back to throw stuff in the truck.

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