Homemade Ramen Noodles Without Pasta Maker

Can Ramen Noodles Be Made Successfully at Home?

You most likely have all the ingredients in your pantry to make homemade ramen noodles from scratch. This is an eggless Japanese ramen noodle recipe and needs only 3 ingredients.

To make fresh ramen at home, all you need is:

  • All-purpose flour
  • Water
  • Alkaline agent: either lye water (aka “kansui” and can be purchased from an Asian grocery store) or baking soda.
  • To use baking soda to make ramen noodles, you must first bake it in the oven for one hour. Click here for my instructions on how to make *baked* baking soda and why alkaline agents are essential to making ramen noodles.

    After you’ve mastered making ramen noodles from scratch, you can serve it with my Tonkotsu ramen with braised pork belly.

    Nutrition Information:

    Homemade Ramen Noodles Without Pasta Maker

    Homemade Ramen noodles that have the perfect bite. Make a bit batch and freeze the extras after they are cut for a quick ramen shortcut next time!

  • 4 cups bread flour
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 2 teaspoons kansui (see recipe below)
  • Combine the flour, kansui and water in your mixer with the dough hook attached, and mix on medium speed for 8-10 minutes. It may be a bit dry. If you need to add a little more water to make it come together, you can. You want it to JUST stick together as this dough is meant to be dryer than you might be used to.
  • Let your dough rest for 3 hours in the fridge.
  • Remove from the fridge and let your dough rest on the counter for 1 hour.
  • Cut the dough into four pieces, and flatten out with your hand.
  • With your pasta machine on the thickest setting, roll out your dough balls. Fold in half and roll through a few times. It may break up a bit, but will flatten out after a few go-throughs.
  • Run the dough sheets through the pasta machine until they are at the 3 setting on your machine.
  • Cut the dough using the spaghetti cutter. Dust with flour if they are sticking at all.
  • Boil in well-salted water in small batches for 1 minute. The noodles will cook more in the hot Ramen broth.
  • Original Recipe by No Recipes!

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    What are Ramen Noodles?

    Ramen is a type of Japanese noodle made from wheat flour. In Japan, ramen is eaten freshly made, not like the inexpensive packets of instant noodles (you know, the ones that are 10¢ a packet?) which are deep-fried and full of MSG.

    Ramen originated from China: the term “ramen” may have been derived from the Chinese words for pulled noodles (“la mian”) because Chinese noodles were traditionally pulled by hand. Another theory is that “ramen was derived from Chinese “lo mien” which is boiled noodles tossed with sauce.


    How do you make homemade noodles without a machine?

    No stand mixer or noodle/pasta maker required.

    The general workflow
    1. Combine flour, water and salt to form a dough then rest for half an hour.
    2. Flatten the dough into a thin sheet with a rolling pin.
    3. Fold the sheet then cut into narrow strips. Unfold and loosen the noodles.
    4. Cook the noodles in boiling water.

    How do you dry homemade ramen noodles?

    The basic steps are as follows:
    1. Add lye water or baked baking soda to warm water to make an alkaline solution.
    2. Add alkaline solution to the flour; mix and squish dough into a ball.
    3. Rest dough 30 minutes.
    4. “Knead” 2-3 minutes with rolling pin.
    5. Roll dough flat with pasta machine.
    6. Cut dough into long strips of noodles.

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