How Did Shay On Chicago Fire Die

collapsing pipe fatally

Why did Shay leave Firehouse 51?

As executive producer Matt Olmstead revealed in an interview with TVLine at the time, the writers ultimately decided to bring Shays story to an end in making the difficult decision to write the character out of the show. … “She was very professional about it,” Olmstead revealed.

How did Leslie Shay die in Chicago fire?

A collapsing pipe fatally hits Shay on the head while Dawson gets blown back. When Severide arrives on scene, he sees Dawson doing chest compressions on Shay and leaps in to help. Despite their efforts, Shay ultimately dies.

Similar to shows like “Greys Anatomy,” the “One Chicago” universe is prone to injure or kill off characters simply for dramatic effect. This flair for the dramatic was showcased when the shows writers decided to kill off beloved character Leslie Shay at the beginning of the third season. In an interview with TVLine, the executive producer of “Chicago Fire,” Matt Olmstead, said that it was decided that they would kill off Shay to make a “big impact, as opposed to going for a lesser-known character.”

Given her popularity on the series, it came as a shock to many fans when, at the end of the second season of “Chicago Fire,” Shay was involved in a building exploding by a serial arsonist that left her seriously injured. As Showbiz Cheat Sheet reported, fans were left waiting to find out about Shays fate until the premiere of the third season of the show, which confirmed what many had feared — Shay was dead and German would never be returning to “Chicago Fire” to reprise her role.

Since 2012, viewers have been transported to Chicago, Illinois, to get a glimpse into the lives of firefighters, police officers, healthcare workers, lawyers, and paramedics in the “One Chicago” NBC universe, which includes “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Med,” and, for one season, “Chicago Justice,” per NBC.

German has since moved on from her role on “Chicago Fire,” most recently starring as Chloe Decker on “Lucifer,” a show that follows the actual devil himself as he leaves hell behind to start a new life in Los Angeles. As Entertainment Weekly reported, “Lucifer” officially came to an end after six seasons back in September 2021.

Before her exit at the beginning of the third season of “Chicago Fire,” Leslie Shay, portrayed by actress Lauren German, was a fan favorite. For two seasons, Shay, a paramedic and lesbian, developed a strong following in the LGBTQ community as her character allowed the show to explore the complexities of same-sex relationships. It didnt hurt that Shay also shared an apartment with her best friend, Kelly Severide, portrayed by Taylor Kinney, who has long been considered a heartthrob on the series, per Showbiz Cheat Sheet.


Why did they get rid of Shay on Chicago Fire?

Why did Shay leave Chicago Fire after season 3? The reason Shay left Chicago Fire was due to the writers’ decision to kill the character off of the show. That’s right, it was a decision made by the writing team and was not connected to Lauren German’s requesting an exit storyline from the show.

Who murdered Shay in Chicago Fire?

Adrian Gish was an arsonist and murderer who killed Paramedic Leslie Shay in Chicago Fire. He was killed by detective Antonio Dawson in Chicago P.D..

Does Shay in Chicago Fire get pregnant?

In the season finale, she returns to Chicago pregnant. However, Shay hints to Severide that Renée could not possibly be pregnant with his child given the timeline. Renée confesses to Severide that the baby is not his and they part ways once again.

What episode of Chicago Fire did Leslie Shay die?

What happened to Shay on Chicago Fire? Tragically, Shay’s life to comes to an end soon after. In the season 2 episode “Real Never Waits”, she answers a call for a building fire, and a collapsing pipe strikes her in the head.

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