How Long Is Mcdonalds Orientation

James has worked in the fast-food industry and is familiar with its hiring and business practices.

If you go to a McDonalds location to fill out an application, make sure you go at a time when the restaurant is not busy. Asking for an application during the peak lunch hour would show poor judgment on your part. This is especially true when the whole crew and managers are busy serving customers. Showing up during a slower period will also allow you to ask or answer any questions. Feel free to call ahead and ask if they are hiring.

The online application can take up to an hour to complete. It will ask you basic questions like your full name, address, work history, as well as your availability. Towards the end of the application, you will be asked to take a “personality” test. More on that later.

Drastically improve your chances of getting hired by being willing to work any days of the week and during any hours of the day. This will allow the store to fill any holes in their shifts and will make you more desirable to hire.

The personality test usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete. You will be given a series of statements two at a time, and you have to choose what you feel is the correct statement. This allows McDonalds to gauge your personality and judgment. Some of the statements might not have anything to do with the other statements and might even seem a little bizarre. Just take your time, and choose the statement that makes better sense or the statement that you believe to be the lesser of two evils.

Getting called for an interview means that it is your time to shine. It should be easy as long as you prepare. Bring your identification and your social security card. You may not need these until orientation, but it will show the interviewer that you think ahead and are ready.

During the interview, make sure to smile and speak clearly. Most of the questions will be surrounding your past jobs and experiences. Some of the other five common questions, as well as responses, are listed below.

McDonald’s orientations typically last between two and five hours, depending on the location and the number of other new workers. Additionally, when determining how long McDonald’s orientation lasts, it depends on your level of interest in learning more about the organization and the number of questions you have.

What is McDonald’s Orientation In 2022?

McDonald’s orientation is for new hires where you can learn more about McDonald’s and talk more in-depth with your manager. You’ll go through the kitchen and tour the restaurant you’ll be working in, fill out paperwork, find out what the expectations are, what working at McDonald’s is like, and you maybe will be able to make some free food to eat.

While that’s the basics of orientation, there are a lot of other details and things to know about McDonald’s orientation so read on to learn more!

Other Concerns

The only documents you should bring to this new job preparation are your I-9 tax form, your social security number, and your government-issued photo ID.

On the other hand, a notepad could be useful for you to take notes of what you and the manager are discussing, such as the job duties, tips that can be helpful, and other relevant topics.

Packing yourself some snacks and a bottle of water is not a bad idea because sometimes this introduction program lasts longer than expected, or you feel hungry when heading home after that.

Write Down What Questions You Have About Them, or Other Related Topics

When you meet the manager in person, write down some questions for them to be prepared for this newly hired training.

A quick reminder that all your questions must revolve around your tasks, requirements from your restaurant where you’ll work, and furthermore.


How long after Mcdonalds orientation do you start work?

You train next day and then begin working. You get trained and then you start work as soon as possible. No they can wait anywhere up to two weeks before scheduling someone.

Do you get paid for Mcdonalds orientation?

No you don’t get paid for orientation.

How long is McDonald’s Orientation 2020?

3. How long does the orientation last? The time you spend in orientation will vary, but they usually last two to three hours.

Does McDonald’s orientation mean I got the job?

Yes, it does mean you got the job.

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