How Many Fears Does Tris Have


How many fears does Tris have in the movie?

This is the way Tobias got the nickname “Four”. Tris initially had 7 fears, but later had 6 which incorporated: To become devoured by crows – synonymous with her family activating her/powerlessness. Drowning inside a tank water – synonymous with weakness and lack of ability to flee.

How many fears does Tris face in her final evaluation?

Summary: Chapter 31 Tris then leaves with Tobias, who informs her that since she only needed to face seven fears, she’ll most likely be rated first.

How many fears are in each initiate’s fear landscape?

-They’re going through Lauren’s fear landscape. She’d 9 fears and every initiate goes through one.


Why is Tris afraid 4?

This is where I need to make something very clear: Tris is afraid of being with Four because she is afraid of intimacy, not because she is afraid of him. At this point in the novel, she already knows and cares for him.

What are 4s fears in divergent?

When Four shows that his fear landscape includes his father, we don’t say “what could his father be a symbol of?” No, in that case, we know that Four’s fear landscape is pretty straightforward: his dad is there because Four is still afraid of his dad’s abuse; Four is afraid of claustrophobic spaces because he used to …

How many fears are there in divergent?

She had 7 fears. The first obstacle in the fearscape is the crows.

What are Erics fears divergent?

In insurgent when he was going to die, it was in front of lots of dauntless and Eric would never show fear to dauntless. 1. A Fandom user· 3/22/2017. Actually, in the book it was noted that Eric was in fact very afraid/nervous about his imminent death.

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