How Many Fnaf Animatronics Are There

The Five Nights at Freddys series is famous for its terrifying collection of animatronics. These monstrosities are the scariest of the bunch.

Five Nights At Freddys has introduced several unsettling characters over the years. Since the first games release back in early August 2014, the animatronics have only gotten more fearsome. The Freddy Fazbear from the first Five Nights At Freddys doesnt seem so menacing now that animatronics such as the Marionette, Daycare Attendant, and Nightmare Fredbear has emerged from the darkness.

The series chilling characters have terrified millions of players, especially those with fears of animatronics and mannequins. With the announcement of the Five Nights At Freddys: Security BreachDLC “Ruin,” which is set to release sometime in 2023, several fans and content creators have been revisiting the series as a whole, uncovering many of these forgotten, nightmarish animatronics.

Rockstar Bonnie appears to be designed as a cross between Bonnie and Toy Bonnie. The minor animatronic was introduced in Freddy Fazbears Pizza Simulator. Rockstar Bonnie was also included as one of the fifty animatronics featured in Five Nights At Freddys: Ultimate Custom Night.

The fearsome part of Rockstar Bonnie comes not from his looks, but from his lines of dialogue featured in Five Nights At Freddys: Ultimate Custom Night. He speaks in rhymes that have been pitched to make the monotone voice sound as if its “singing.” Even creepier, his rhymes are all dark, threatening, and graphic in nature, with lines such as: “What a fine day to come and say that your face and flesh I must flay.”

Its a common trope in horror to have monsters without faces. Removing a characters face removes their ability to express emotions, even if theyre primarily those of anger or fear, making the audience less able to empathize or identify with them. Withered Bonnie falls into this category of faceless monsters, as it was the only one of the original four animatronics to get such a drastic redesign in Five Nights At Freddys 2.

The design itself is chilling, especially to those with a fear of animatronics. Being able to see the teeth and mechanics behind Bonnies normally fuzzy, friendly, and welcoming face feels like the player is seeing something they shouldnt.

This list may have some missing animatronics since the count is pretty big. But, there are 130+ confirmed animatronics across all FNAF games.

How many FNAF characters are there? (2022)

These are the human characters from the main FNAF series:

  • Former maintenance worker
  • Voice actor: PJ Heywood
  • Former security guard
  • Voice actor: Scott Cawthon
  • How many FNAF games are there in total? (2022)

    Five main nights at Freddy’s Games

    There are 8 main FNAF games in total.

  • Five nights at Freddy’s (2014)
  • Five nights at Freddy’s 2 (2014)
  • Five nights at Freddy’s 3 (2015)
  • Five nights at Freddy’s 4 (2015)
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location (2016)
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator (2017)
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted (2019)
  • Five nights in Freddy: Security breach (In 2021)
  • FNAF Spin Off Games

    There are 6 Five Nights at Freddy’s Spin off games.

  • World FNaF (2016)
  • The ultimate custom night (2018)
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery (2019)
  • Freddy in space 2 (2019)
  • Security breach: Fury’s Rage (In 2021)
  • Five nights at Freddy’s Plus (2022)
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    In Five Nights at Freddys 2, Jeremy Fitzgerald, this games player character, is introduced. On Custom Night, he is replaced by Fritz Smith. Phone Guy features in as the instructor is this game as well. William Afton also makes various appearances and is the murderer of the missing children.

    In Security Breach, there are currently six new animatronics added: Glamrock versions of Freddy and Chica, alongside new characters Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator. There is also a new antagonist, Vanny, alongside two unnamed characters, the sun and moon jesters.

    In Five Nights at Freddys VR: Help Wanted, the game developer Tape Girl features as a secret instructor, whose hidden tapes are critial to the plot of the game. She also references the beta tester Jeremy, and their boss Dale. In the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, Vanessa/Vanny was also introduced.

    In Five Nights at Freddys 4, the player character is Michael Afton, He drawing Nightmare Fredbear Logbooks in Recents Dreams. The player character of the minigames is the Crying Child, and feature his bullying Older Brother. William Afton makes a cameo.

    In Five Nights at Freddys AR: Special Delivery, a few were introduced via the Email feature. Along with this, Vanessa from Help Wanted was confirmed as a human.


    How many characters are there in FNAF?

    Animatronics. In Five Nights at Freddy’s, there are five animatronics, Bonnie, Chica & The Cupcake, Foxy, Freddy and an easter egg, Golden Freddy.

    Who is the oldest animatronic in FNAF?

    Although only canon to the novel trilogy universe, Henry Emily, as a way to bring back his daughter to life after her following death, built four robots, each replicating a stage of life.

    Who possesses all animatronic?

    The known animatronics that are possessed are the Withered & main Toys animatronics, each possessed by one of The Missing Children, Freddy Fazbear by Gabriel, Foxy by Fritz, Chica by Susie, Bonnie by Jeremy, Golden Freddy by Cassidy, The Marionette by Charlotte, Springtrap by William Afton, and Circus Baby/Ennard by …

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