How Much Snow Does Spokane Get

The charts below shows past snowfall recorded this year near Spokane, WA for the last few years. Tap on a box to learn what each color or symbol means. To see more years, view this page on a wider screen. Please send us feedback on this!

44 inches

7) More Ways to Protect Your Car

If you don’t have a garage, that means your car is going to be outside in the elements. While you could definitely use your scraper and brush to clear it everyday, why not prevent it from getting snow in the first place with these snow covers?[lasso ref=”altitaco-car-windshield-snow-cover-frost-guard-protector-magnetic-windshield-snow-frost-ice-cover-sunshade-snow-covers-with-elastic-hooks-fits-most-car-suv-truck-van-or-automobile-with-83×4″ id=”81618″ link_id=”2519″][lasso ref=”oxgord-side-mirror-cover-snow-cover-ice-removal-wiper-visor-protector-all-weather-winter-summer-auto-sun-shade-for-cars-trucks-vans-and-suvs-stop-scraping-with-a-brush-or-shovel” id=”81624″ link_id=”2520″]

Do you have a big driveway or a lot of paths to clear? If so, you might just want to invest in a snow blower! These come in handy especially on those days where we get snow after snow after snow – it’s easy to just go outside and use the snow blower instead of getting bogged down with the shovel![lasso ref=”powersmart-snow-blower-pssam24-24-inch-212cc-engine-gas-powered-2-stage-snow-blower-corded-electric-start” id=”81629″ link_id=”2521″][lasso ref=”snow-joe-sj627e-electric-snow-thrower-22-inch-15-amp-w-dual-led-lights” id=”81631″ link_id=”2522″]

When asked about tire recommendations, suggestions poured in! The overwhelming response was that you do need snow tires in Spokane. As much as you can ‘get away with’ all-season tires in Spokane (as I admit I have!), it’s overall not recommended.

Basically, it’s not as easy to maneuver or stop as quickly if you do not have snow tires, and with the ice that Spokane typically has on the roads, that’s a major concern.

You can get tires at Discount Tire, Costco, and other automotive shops around Spokane. The tires below are also good options, just make sure to get the right sizes for your vehicle![lasso ref=”bridgestone-blizzak-dm-v2-winter-snow-suv-tire-275-55r20-117-t-extra-load” id=”81633″ link_id=”2523″][lasso ref=”yokohama-geolandar-mt-g003-all_-season-radial-tire-lt265-70r17-121q-10-ply” id=”81636″ link_id=”2524″]

Always remember to drive slow when it snows or is icy! It always surprises us how fast the Spokane drivers go in inclement weather, when typically when the sun is shining, they go very, very slow. It’s almost like they enjoy speeding when it’s snowy outside!

No matter how fast someone is going behind you, just make sure to go slowly and be careful, especially if you’re not used to driving in the snow. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Whether you’re at home, driving, or at work, make sure you always have water with you. Particularly if you get stranded while on the road, you will want and need water!

You can always buy bottled water and keep it in your car (although it will freeze) or simply fill up a water bottle and keep it on you![lasso ref=”iron-flask-sports-water-bottle-40-oz-3-lids-straw-lid-leak-proof-vacuum-insulated-stainless-steel-double-walled-thermo-mug-metal-canteen” id=”81638″ link_id=”2529″][lasso ref=”hydro-flask-water-bottle-with-straw-lid-stainless-steel-reusable-vacuum-insulated-wide-mouth” id=”81640″ link_id=”2530″]

4) Winter Car Essentials: Snow Brush and Scraper

Instead of using your credit card to clear the snow off your car, invest in a brush and scraper! These are wintertime car essentials, plus de-icer or non-clumping cat litter in case you encounter icy patches.[lasso ref=”mallory-532-26-snow-brush-with-foam-grip-colors-may-vary” id=”81599″ link_id=”2512″][lasso ref=”harris-kind-melt-pet-friendly-ice-and-snow-melter-fast-acting-100-pure-magnesium-chloride-formula-15lb-with-scoop-included-inside-bucket” id=”81603″ link_id=”2513″][lasso ref=”purina-tidy-cats-non-clumping-cat-litter” id=”81606″ link_id=”2514″]

When we first moved here, we were constantly cold in the winter – until we bought some thermal long johns.

You can choose from a variety of options below, and we went for the thickest option we could. You’ll want to live in your long johns, particularly on nights when it’s snowing and all you want to do is eat soup and stay under the blankets![lasso ref=”fruit-of-the-loom-mens-premium-thermal-union-suit” id=”81609″ link_id=”2515″][lasso ref=”thermajane-womens-ultra-soft-thermal-underwear-long-johns-set-with-fleece-lined” id=”81612″ link_id=”2516″]

There’s truly nothing better than setting the electric blanket during the winter in Spokane, brushing your teeth, and then hopping into a nice and toasty bed.

Our favorite electric blanket has a variety of heat settings and an auto-off function, which is helpful if you’re like me and fall asleep before turning it off. Best of all? It’s machine washable and dryer safe![lasso ref=”bedsure-heated-blanket-electric-throw-soft-electric-blanket-for-couch-5-heat-settings-fleece-blanket-with-3hrs-timer-auto-shut-off-machine-washable-sherpa-heating-blanket-throw-50×60-navy” id=”81615″ link_id=”2517″][lasso ref=”sunbeam-heated-blanket-5-heat-settings-quilted-fleece-newport-blue-twin-bsf9gts-r595-13a00″ id=”81617″ link_id=”2518″]

What is Winter Typically Like in Spokane?

This is probably the most frequently asked question (after ‘moving to Spokane‘) on various forums, and Everyday Spokane has already received a few times via email! Let’s start with the basics: the average snowfall you can expect in Spokane in any given year.

According to Tom Sherry of KREM2 News, a local news station here in Spokane, average snowfall in Spokane is around 44 inches annually and typically falls over 34 days. That’s a little less than 4 feet!

Snow typically arrives in Spokane in November, but it’s not unheard of to have a light dusting of snow in Spokane in October. Don’t worry, it melts!

In terms of temperature, according to, monthly averages for Spokane are:

  • December: highs around 32 degrees, lows around 23
  • January: highs around 34 degrees, lows around 25 degrees
  • February: highs around 40 degrees, lows around 26 degrees
  • Also according to, a record high of 60 degrees was recorded in Spokane in 1917 and a record low of -21 degrees in 1968 (which also has one of the worst winters in Spokane on record!).

    How Much Snow Does Spokane Get


    How many days of snow does Spokane get?

    According to Tom Sherry of KREM2 News, a local news station here in Spokane, average snowfall in Spokane is around 44 inches annually and typically falls over 34 days. That’s a little less than 4 feet!

    What is the snowiest month in Spokane?

    The month with the most snow in Spokane is December, with an average snowfall of 4.3 inches. The snowless period of the year lasts for 8.1 months, from March 9 to November 13. The least snow falls around July 17, with an average total accumulation of 0.0 inches.

    Do you need snow tires in Spokane?

    The snowy and icy conditions common in this area during winter mean you do need snow tires in Spokane. However, you’ll find a variety of options available, including studded tires, traction tires, snow tires, and chains.

    Does Spokane get all 4 seasons?

    One of the best parts about Spokane is that it truly gets all four seasons in a year. From bright fall colors, to white Christmases, to early springtime sun, and hot summer days on the water.

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