How To Cook Turkey Necks For Dogs

When you reach inside your turkey, you’ll find a goody bag that your dog will go crazy for.

If you’re not using the giblets to make soup, stuffing or gravy, don’t throw it away – use these tips to start a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Should I give my dog chicken neck or turkey neck?

Both chicken and turkey necks are great treats for dogs. You should determine which one you give your dog by how big it is. Smaller dogs are better off with chicken necks simply because the turkey neck is far too big for them. Larger dogs may prefer the turkey necks because they will get more meat.

Do I need to worry about bones when feeding my dog chicken/ turkey necks?

Never give your dog cooked poultry bones because the heat causes them to become as fragile as glass, which makes them more likely to shatter. While dried or fresh chicken and turkey necks are a much safer option, you should still be cautious. Always be present in the room when your dog is enjoying a chicken or turkey neck.

Why Are Raw Turkey Necks Safe For Dogs?

First things first, let’s talk about how safe it is to feed your pups raw turkey necks. After all, feeding raw bone can be intimidating for new raw feeders!

I know this because I’ve been there and felt that way! I remember coming up with all sorts of horror scenarios like my pups choking on turkey necks and dying a miserable death.

However, none of that happened and I was able to quickly overcome my fears. That’s because I saw that Missy and Buzz instinctively knew how to eat their turkey necks.

I also began by holding one end of the turkey neck and letting the pups chew on the other end. That way I made sure that they didn’t try to eat it whole. It also teaches them polite behavior around high-value food items while humans hold or touch the food.

That said, 5 years of feeding raw turkey necks have definitely turned me into a confident raw turkey neck feeder. Let me explain why they’re so safe for dogs to eat.

In raw feeding, there are 3 main types of meat that are fed in different quantities. Muscle meat (70-80% depending on whether or not you add veggies/fruit), secreting organs (10%), and raw meaty bones (10%).

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