How To Get Indigonium In Slime Rancher

How To Get Indigonium In Slime Rancher. While many of the resources in Slime Rancher will discovered organically while players play the game. Others must sought for specifically. Indigonium is one of the resources that necessitates significant concentration on the part of fans. Since there are only a few ways to collect it. Fortunately, Slime Rancher‘s Indigonium isn’t difficult to come across once you know where to look. This guide will help you in the proper route.

Slime Rancher: Where to Find Indigonium

The simplest way to collect Indigonium is to drill for it, though it can only be extracted from one particular biome. That biome is the Indigo Quarry, and the Slimepedia indicates that Indigonium is the source of the location’s name.

Treasure Pods that contain Indigonium

All of these Treasure Pods also contain 1 Strange Diamond

The Novice Drill will be easier to build, as it requires 10 Pink plorts, six Rock plorts, and three Rad plorts. While the Advanced Drill needs more materials for crafting, 20 Pink plorts, 12 Rock plorts, and six Rad plorts, it has a higher chance to gather rare resources and lasts for three cycles compared to the former’s one cycle.

In the world of Slime Rancher, players are left with one overarching goal: to establish a thriving Ranch. There are a couple of steps that need to be taken for this goal to be realized, such as gathering an assortment of little creatures found across the map called Slimes. Ranchers can then use then breed different types of Slimes together and feed them to produce an assortment of Slime plorts that can be sold for a profit.

In addition to all of the work that goes into breeding and nurturing Slimes, players can also take a step back and focus on things as trivial as decorating their Ranch. To do so, players will need to gather different materials and take them back to the Fabricate Gadget at The Lab for building. One resource that will be needed to make some of these decorations is called Indigonium.

Slime Rancher: How to Use Indigonium

Indigonium is used in the lab’s fabricator to make a multitude of different things, many of which Decorations. Decorations, for the uninitiated, are gadgets that Slime Rancher fans. Can employ to brighten up the gaming world, and they serve no other use. The Blue Slime Lamp, the Green Slime Lamp, the Amber Slime Lamp. The Jumbo Shroom, the Minty Grass Patch, the Hexium Formation. The Fireflower Patch, and the Digi Panel the specific Decorations made from Indigonium.

In addition, players can employ Indigonium to build three of Slime Rancher’s Teleporters, which offer significantly more utility than Decorations. Strange Diamonds also required for the creation of these Teleporters, and as previously stated, players can obtain. A handful of these materials by looting Indigonium-containing Treasure Pods. Indigonium can also transformed into Meat Slime Bait or a few different. Curios if a player does not require any Decorations or Teleporters.


Where is the best Indigonium in Slime Rancher?

Indigonium is a Slime Science Resource obtained exclusively in The Indigo Quarry with a drill.

Where is the Indigo quarry in Slime Rancher?

How to Find Royal Jelly in Slime Rancher. In Slime Rancher players can navigate their way to some Royal Jelly in several Treasure Pods in two locations. In the Moss Blanket, players can find Royal Jelly in Treasure Pod 1, 2, and 3. There is also a Royal Jelly in Treasure Pod 3 in the Ancient Ruins.

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