How To Keep Quantum Slimes

Quantum slimes are an anomaly in Slime Rancher. Their quantum capabilities are a mystery to every rancher, and they are a huge pain to deal with. You’re going to need your wits about you when farming those pesky slimes, as their ghosts will phase through the walls of their corrals at will, causing havoc and chaos. But their plorts are worth it, and they serve as a satisfying rancher challenge, so how can you safely farm the quantum slimes in Slime Rancher?

The best way to keep Quantum Slimes happy and reduce their Qubit production and teleport probability is to feed them fruit and give them toys with the Puzzle Cube being their favorite.

All you guys saying that quantum dervish is too hard to ranch are wrong, I have 5 of them in a corral and have not ONCE had a problem with them, I feed them and give them toys. Its not hard to keep any slime content largoed or not, just stop cramming abunch into corrals, STOP DOING LIKE 10 LARGOES PER CORRALS PEOPLE! I see tons of people putting like 10 largoes per corral and then getting angry asking why their slimes are never happy, cause they can barely breath! They cant reach the food and I never see anyone using slime toys.

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People think quantum slimes are incredibly difficult or impossible to farm. This is simply untrue. I will show you how to farm quantum slimes if you don’t already know how.

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Slimeology: Quantum Slimes appear to have resulted from some sort of event that took place in the Ancient Ruins long ago. At all times, the quantum slime is capable of emitting other possible realities of their being. Called ghosts, these other realities can come true, with the quantum slime aligning with the reality of the ghost, effectively teleporting.

Rancher Risks: Quantum Slimes can be one of the most difficult slimes to manage, given their unique abilities. A rancher needs to learn to detect when quantum slimes are primed to take over the reality of a ghost, and act quickly, such as feeding them or splashing them with fresh water as a temporary measure.

Plortonomics: Quantum plorts are believed by many to hold the secret to infinite resources. Given the quantum slimes ability to change reality, its theorized that unlocking the potential of quantum plorts would allow for a technology that converges the realities of other entities into our reality and- well basically were talking about cloning stuff. Infinite energy, chickens, whatever. Probably no harmful side effects to this at all.

The Quantum Slimes behavior of producing ghosts with somewhat unpredictable results on where the ghost will end up, and deciding whether or not to teleport to the ghosts location based on its current Agitation level, especially in cases where multiple quantum slimes may be present, may be a reference to Path integral formulation of quantum mechanics; the method to predict where particles will end up from point A to B. The Quantum Slimes Slimepedia entry mentioning the use of Quantum Plorts to bring in resources from alternate realities seems to be heavily based on the many-worlds interpretation, more well known as multiverse theory. The Quantum Slimes Slimepedia tagline – a slime that really shows its potential – is a reference to the concept of quantum potential. Their ghosts being internally referred to as qubits refers to qubits of quantum computing.

The Quantum Slime otherwise shares basic behaviors with other slimes: it hops around aimlessly until it begins seeking out food when hungry, and will seek out plorts it does not produce to induce transformation into a largo. Quantum Slimes can respond in awe at a freshly-transformed largo and a slime activating a Slime Stage, and pure slimes have the ability to stack with other slimes unless it becomes a largo. A Quantum Slime can be applied with Fashion Pods and can respond to Slime Toys, with it favoring the Puzzle Cube or a DLC Slime Toy if it is wearing its associated Fashion Pod.


Do quantum slimes disappear?

Qubits when produced travel for up to 5 in-game minutes in a linear path in the direction the Slime was facing or moving when created. The qubit will naturally despawn on its own after 16 in-game minutes.

Are quantum slimes sensitive to light?

They are not sensitive to sunlight like phosphorus slimes. However if they can be a problem for your current position you can keep them contained in the grotto, yes.

Can you keep glitch slimes?

you can, but they turn into bug reports to turn in to Viktor when you leave the simulation. Originally posted by Rustoration: you can, but they turn into bug reports to turn in to Viktor when you leave the simulation.

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