How To Make A Lawn Roller Out Of Pvc Pipe

How do I make a PVC lawn roller? (video)

Step 1: Gather

1. pvc pipe 3″ thick and the width of the back wheels or slightly smaller.(see picture) 2. 3/4″ thick plywood 3. 2 “eye” hooks big enough for 2 plastic ties to go through. 4. Several long plastic ties 5. drill 6. screwdriver 7. 3″ hole saw (optional) 8. Gravel or sand.

How do you get lines in grass without a roller?

It is possible to stripe your lawn without using a roller. The striping effect is caused by the light reflecting off the grass blades that are pointing in opposite directions. All you have to do is flatten the grass blades so they point in opposite directions for each stripe. via


How do you make a homemade lawn roller?

Cardboard drum
  1. Take a sizeable cardboard drum and peel off the branding paper.
  2. Drill 1.5-inch diameter holes on both ends of the drum.
  3. Insert a metallic pipe through the two holes, making sure it sticks out 6 inches from both ends.
  4. Install handles on both ends, such as a trailer tongue handle.

How do you make a lawn striper out of PVC pipe?

Some of the alternatives we cover below are incredibly affordable and good for those with budgetary constraints.
  • Use Plywood (alternative when laying sod) …
  • Use a power rake to smooth bumpy lawn when seeding. …
  • Use a Bobcat to smooth a lawn that mirrors a minefield. …
  • Use a leveling drag instead of a grass seed roller.

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