How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

Greetings! I’m back with a recipe for Tiktok ramen. I’m pretty sure I’m hooked on Tiktok and all of their popular food hacks. This Tiktok ramen was too easy to not try. Additionally, I already had all the ingredients in my pantry, so it was a convenient and filling lunch. It was delicious!.

Tiktok ramen is excellent because it is saucy, slightly sweet, and umami-rich. My favorite instant noodle of all time, Indomie Mi Goreng, an adaptation of Indonesian fried noodles, has some similarities to the flavors.

Everyone seems to have a preferred method for preparing instant ramen, in my opinion. The person who created instant ramen, Taiwanese-Japanese inventor Momofuku Ando, has a saying that I adore: “Human beings are noodle beings.” This is one of the greatest inventions, in my opinion.

I am undoubtedly a noodle being who only wants to eat noodles and lead a noodle life.

When making tiktok ramen, you use instant noodles, do without the seasoning packet, and prepare your own sauce. Tiktok ramen is a soup-free variety of ramen, similar to mazemen or sesame noodles, as opposed to soup-heavy ramen. Ramen noodles are cooked with an egg and sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning before being tossed in a sauce of garlic, butter, soy, and brown sugar.

In a word, YES! Tiktok ramen is rich, creamy, and has just a hint of spice in addition to being sweet and savory. Super addictive.

instant ramen – choose your favorite brand of instant ramen. Because you won’t use the seasoning packet, the flavor is irrelevant. Because of how thick the noodles are, Nong Shim Shin Ramyun are among our favorites.

Everything bagel spice is LIFE. In addition, furikake, a Japanese rice seasoning, is essentially what everything bagel spice is. On rice and noodles, furikake is a seasoning made of seaweed and toasted sesame seeds. In Japan, they even have furikake chips. Given that both ramen and everything bagels contain sesame seeds, it makes sense that Tiktok Ramen uses everything bagels spice to dress up ramen.

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Some really simple ingredients you’ll need for the sauce:

Note: You can double the sauce recipe if you intend to use a lot more vegetables and other ingredients!

How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

If you want to add some additional spice to your noodles, you can choose to add other hot sauce of your choice instead of the homemade chili garlic sauce that I added.


  • Coated in a thick & tasty sauce. You easily adjust the seasoning and flavours to your liking!
  • Easy to make. You’ll only need a few basic ingredients and 20 minutes or less!
  • Versatile. You can easily add whatever vegetables and protein of your choice to these noodles.
  • How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

    Because of how simple it is to put together, these noodles have also become a go-to for days when you’re incredibly busy. These noodles can be made in as little as 20 minutes!

    How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

    Tips for chewy noodles:

  • Since we’ll be cooking down the noodles in the sauce later on, I like to slightly undercook my noodles.
  • You can cook your noodles around 2 minutes less than the package instructions or until they still have a good bite.
  • You can opt to run them through water after cooking to help stop the cooking but I like to add them directly to the sauce from cooking since this way the noodles can better absorb the flavours.
  • If you’d like to add the noodles directly to the sauce, I suggest preparing everything beforehand and make sure the sauce is ready in the pan before you cook the noodles.
  • My go to: instant ramen

    My usual instant ramen noodles, which I buy without any sauce packets, were used.

    How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

    There are from the brand Koka and I purchase them in packs of 5. They’re made of wheat so if you’d like a gluten-free alternative, I highly recommend these brown rice ramen noodles.

    You can also find a similar wheat ramen noodle alternative here. (affiliate link)

    Although they will obviously no longer be ramen noodles, you can choose to use other noodles of your choice.

    How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

    I boil the noodles in water in a pot until they are only halfway done and are still very chewy.

    How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

    In this manner, even after the noodles are reduced in the sauce, I still get chewy noodles!

    How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

    To keep the noodles chewy and to prevent overcooking, I drain the water. If you prefer, you can also put them through a cold water rinse. But I prefer to simply add them to the sauce at a later time.

    How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

    How To Make Sauce For Ramen Noodles?

    The sauce is very straightforward and flexible when it comes to flavor preferences.


    What sauce goes with ramen noodles?

    What Sauce is Good With Ramen Noodles?
    • Soy sauce.
    • Oyster sauce.
    • Rice vinegar.
    • Brown sugar.
    • Chili sauce, like sambal oelek or sriracha.
    • Garlic.
    • Ginger.

    What is ramen noodles sauce made of?

    1/2 Cup Soy Sauce. 1/8 Cup Sesame Oil. 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar. 1/2 teaspoon Granulated Garlic.

    What can I add to plain ramen noodles?

    Add a ton of tasty toppings to your bowl of ramen to give it flavor, color, and texture. Here are some creative suggestions: sriracha, kimchi, sesame seeds, bacon bits, fresh herbs (cilantro, Thai basil, chives), nori (dried seaweed), toasted sesame oil drizzle, crushed chiles, furikake, or a wedge of lime.

    What sauce makes ramen taste better?

    Up the umami flavor by adding soy sauce. Add a splash of soy sauce to instant ramen for the quickest and most straightforward method of enhancing its salty, savory flavor. Riley claimed that soy sauce could improve the complexity and flavor of instant ramen. “Add some chili sauce if you like things spicy.” “.

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