How To Make Whipped Cream With Powdered Coffee Creamer?

Beat the chilled ingredients for about a minute at high speed, or until soft peaks form. Advertisement.

I am going to try it with my powdered Hazelnut non-dairy creamer, Jsham, but keep in mind that it’s not whipping cream unless it has at least 30% milk fat and could ruin some recipes. Martina, here is the link that Jsham is referring to for the topping:-)

Add three tablespoons of powdered sugar or confectioners’ sugar gradually and beat for another two minutes, or until stiff peaks form. Chill. The mixture stiffens after chilling. Stir to fluff it up before serving. Serve on cake, pie, fruit salad or pudding. Refrigerate any left-overs. Makes about one and half cups.

Simply enter your query into Google, and the first result will lead you to the step-by-step instructions and pictures for making whipped topping from powdered creamer. It is really easy to do.

It worked!! I wanted whipped cream for my lime jello. Using these amounts, I discovered that the cream was too thick, resembling marshmallow fluff. I added a bit more cold water and chilled. Nice! I made confectioners sugar out of regular granulated sugar that I already had on hand and ground it in my coffee grinder.

How to make whipped cream in a jar?

  • Start with a clean jar and cold whipping cream. Ideally, chill your jar too.
  • Into the jar, pour your whipping cream, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a tablespoon or two of powdered sugar.
  • Put the lid on your jar-TIGHT.
  • Shake! Shake! Shake!-for 3-5 minutes (this is where kids come in handy-have them shake that jar while you do any of the other 100 things you need to do).
  • Ingredients needed:

  • Whipping cream or heavy cream-find in in the grocery store by the coffee creamer
  • Powdered sugar-dissolves better than granulated sugar but you can certainly use granulated sugar in a bind. The amount of sugar you use is a little but up to you, I tend to be a little on the heavy side because I like extra sweet whipped cream, but you do you.
  • Vanilla extract-for flavor. If you’re feeling sassy, try a different flavor extract instead (like say peppermint extract for peppermint whipped cream on brownies).
  • FAQ

    Can powdered creamer be whipped?

    Coffee creamer, a non-dairy creamer substitute for COOL WHIP, can be whipped into a topping similar to dream whip. I purchase the large jars from Sam’s Club, and they come with instructions. 1 part cold milk, 2 parts creamer, and, to your taste, sugar and vanilla Whipping at a high speed for five to seven minutes gets the whip stiff.

    Can you make whipped cream out of coffee cream?

    Using an electric mixer, combine the heavy cream, powdered sugar, and instant coffee granules. Beat for 4 to 5 minutes, or until stiff peaks form and the mixture holds its shape when scooped up with a spoon.

    Can you make whipped cream with flavored creamer?

    Make your own homemade whipped cream to use as a fruit or pie topping. Make it your own by omitting the vanilla and adding 1 tablespoon of flavored coffee creamer.

    Can you use powdered cream to make whipped cream?

    Any of your classic recipes can benefit from the addition of powdered cream. Additionally, you can use it as a practical replacement for fresh cream, heavy cream, or occasionally milk. In fact, all you need to make the creamiest whipped or heavy cream out of the powdered mixture is a little water.

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