How To Make Whipped Yogurt Without Cream?

If you make whipped yogurt with soy lecithin, you don’t have to use heavy cream; you can simply add it to low-fat or fat-free yogurt and use a stick blender to whip air into it. Whipped yogurt made with soy lecithin holds its shape for 15 to 30 minutes, and it forms stiffer peaks than that made with cream.

Make Yogurt Whip, a delectable dessert, using Greek yogurt, which is rich in protein and living cultures. This recipe is from our Dining on a Dime Volume 2 cookbook and has all the yum factor of a whipped yogurt dessert while still providing all the health benefits of yogurt.

You can print out the entire step-by-step recipe at the end of this article if you want to learn how to make whipped yogurt that your entire family will adore. When none of the ingredients for the usual desserts are in your pantry, you might have the ingredients for one of the easiest desserts you’ve ever made.

Plain Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt with flavors is an option to change up this recipe, but plain yogurt will give it a wonderful vanilla flavor. Generic greek yogurt often has added gum, gelatin, or pectin. This won’t work well for the recipe for the whipped yogurt dessert.

Simply combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and beat them thoroughly on low and then increase the speed to create whipped yogurt. As you go, scrape the bowl to ensure that everything is perfectly sweetened. Divide it into tiny serving bowls, ramekins, glasses, or jars after it has been thoroughly blended. Serve your family and guests this delectable whipped yogurt dessert with optional berries and mint garnish. If more than four people are required, double or triple the recipe.

What are the ingredients in the Whipped Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt, whipping cream, maple syrup, and vanilla extract are the 4 ingredients in my recipe. Here are the details:

  • plain Greek yogurt – I recommend using 2% or whole fat yogurt here for that thick and creamy texture.
  • whipping cream – The whipping cream is going to add that extra UMPH of whipped airy goodness, and transform the texture of the Greek yogurt into something amazing!
  • maple syrup – Sweetener is required since we are using plain Greek yogurt. Feel free to sub for honey or your preferred liquid sweetener.
  • vanilla extract – A little bit of vanilla extract will give you the best flavor!
  • Fage Greek yogurt is my preferred brand, but you can use any plain Greek yogurt you like!

    How To Make Whipped Yogurt Without Cream?

    Can you make whipped Greek yogurt without whipping cream?

    There are two ways to do it that I’m aware of.

  • Use coconut cream instead. You know the thick part at the top of a can of coconut milk? That has enough fat in it to also be useful for this recipe. Substituting the same amount of coconut cream for the whipping cream (1/4 cup) works very well. The consistency ends up about the same as when using whipping cream, however there’s a slight coconut taste from the coconut cream. This is an option if you don’t have whipping cream. Instructions for this method are detailed in the recipe card.
  • You can skip adding any cream entirely. Ultimately, this will yield a much less silky smooth and airy final product. Peaks will form minimally, and the whipped yogurt will most likely retain it’s yogurty consistency after storage in the fridge. There’s simply not enough fat in the mixture for the light and airy ‘whipped’ texture. I recommend method #1.
  • So how do you make Whipped Greek Yogurt?

    You only need a stand mixer or electric handheld mixer for this recipe, which is quite simple. The mixer will handle all the labor-intensive tasks and quickly make the Greek yogurt light and airy.

    How To Make Whipped Yogurt Without Cream?

    One whole lemon will be the first ingredient in the lemon whipped Greek yogurt.

    Lemon juice should be added to a stand mixer bowl (or a sizable bowl with a handheld mixer).

    Juice half of the lemon into a bowl after slicing it in half. The amount of juice should be roughly 2 tablespoons. Make yourself a glass of ice cold lemon water with the other half and set it aside for another use.

    Afterward, combine the stand mixer with the Greek yogurt, honey, heavy cream, and CBD lemon drops.

    Start the stand mixer with the whisk attachment on low for 10 to 15 seconds to avoid too much splashing as the ingredients are combined.

    Slowly turn mixer to medium-high level (8 on a kitchen-aid). Continue to whisk for a few minutes or until the yogurt becomes fluffy and airy, or when peaks begin to form in the yogurt.

    Transfer your lemon whipped greek yogurt to bowls. Best served topped with a handful of fresh berries.

    How To Make Whipped Yogurt Without Cream?

    How To Make Whipped Yogurt Without Cream?

    How To Make Whipped Yogurt Without Cream?

    How To Make Whipped Yogurt Without Cream?

    The best way to enjoy Greek yogurt is whipped, and this Lemon Whipped Greek Yogurt is creamy, airy, and simply delicious. This quick-to-make snack or dessert uses only a few ingredients, and Barlean’s Lemon Drop CBD Hemp Oil provides an extra benefit.

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cup greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 teaspoon Barleans Lemon Drop CBD Hemp Oil**
  • Zest lemon into bowl of stand mixer*. Cut lemon in half, juice half of the lemon into the bowl, set aside other half for another use.
  • Add greek yogurt, honey, heavy whipping cream, and lemon drop cbd into the stand mixer.
  • With whisk attachment start stand mixer on low for about 10 to 15 seconds to prevent too much splashing. Turn mixer to medium-high level (8 on a kitchen-aid). Whisk for several minutes until peaks start to form in the yogurt.
  • Transfer to bowls. Best served topped with fresh berries.
  • This recipe can be prepared using an electric hand mixer and a large bowl if you don’t have a stand mixer.

    **Amount can be altered to fit individual needs

    You can still make this if you don’t have Lemon Drop CBD Hemp Oil by omitting it.

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    Can yogurt be used instead of whipped cream?

    Greek yogurt and milk can be used in place of heavy cream in sauces and other savory dishes. Greek yogurt, which is protein-rich, will add richness and texture without as much fat as heavy cream, but be aware that it’s not the best option for baking.

    What can I use instead of whipping cream?

    Whipping Cream Substitutes
    1. Coconut Milk.
    2. Silken Tofu Pureed with Soy Milk.
    3. Butter and Milk.
    4. Dry Milk, Lemon Juice, and Vanilla Extract.
    5. Chilled Evaporated Milk and Lemon Juice.
    6. Banana, Egg Whites, and Sugar.
    7. Milk, Cornstarch, and Flour.

    Can you thicken yogurt by whipping?

    Greek yogurt, cream, sweetener, rosewater or vanilla, and a dash of salt are combined in the whisk attachment-equipped bowl of a stand mixer. Mix at low speed first, then increase to high and whip for about five minutes, or until mixture is thick and stiff.

    Can you use plain yogurt as cream?

    Like heavy cream, yogurt can be used to thicken sauces. Because yogurt doesn’t have the same amount of fat as heavy cream, you’ll need to add some starch to prevent it from curdling. Before adding it to hot liquids, whisk in two teaspoons of cornstarch or one tablespoon of flour for each cup of yogurt.

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