How To Use Frozen Whipped Cream?

To thaw frozen heavy whipping cream that has been whipped prior to storage, allow it to sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before use so that it will reach the right consistency. Use it as whipped topping for pies or desserts.

Here’s how to freeze extra whipped cream in small portions so you can enjoy a dollop whenever you like on your preferred hot beverage or dessert.

Leftover whipped cream? Just freeze it! This method is perfect for topping hot cocoa or making a midweek dessert feel extra-special.

How To Use Frozen Whipped Cream?

How To Use Frozen Whipped Cream?

How To Use Frozen Whipped Cream?

I know, I know. Who in the world has an issue with whipped cream that is left over?

But let’s consider a scenario in which you misjudged your guests’ interest in whipped cream-topped pie after a substantial holiday meal, and you now find yourself faced with a sizable amount of leftovers.

Do you discard it or save it even though you know that it will likely lose its magical billowiness in the coming days?

I’ll give you a third choice: store any leftover whipped cream in the freezer.

Whipped cream freezes – and thaws – surprisingly well. Simply heap it up and place it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper to freeze over night. Peel off the frozen whipped cream clouds the following day, then place them in a freezer bag or other container for longer storage.

Just take out what you need when you need a few spoonfuls of whipped cream.

These frozen whipped cream puffs are best served on top of a hot cup of coffee or cocoa, in my opinion. They not only provide time-release doses of cream as they slowly melt into the hot beverage, but they also cool down a steaming hot cup without making it too cold.

How To Use Frozen Whipped Cream?

Place the frozen whipped cream on top of your dessert and allow it to sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes to thaw before serving.

The whipped cream holds its shape as a dessert topping fairly well without getting grainy or separating, but it does lose some of its perkiness. As you handle the frozen edges, they also have a propensity to crumble.

This is fine for a midweek dessert casual family get-together, but it’s not the best choice for settings where appearances matter, like a dinner party or a special occasion. I suggest whipping up a fresh batch of whipped cream for those.

1. Obtain a large plate or baking sheet that will fit in your freezer and line it with parchment paper to prepare your freezing surface. Make sure to double check the fit. If you have a tray of perfectly piped whipped cream and it won’t fit in your freezer, you’re going to be furious!

Place the whipped cream squares in a freezer bag or other airtight container, and keep them there for up to a month.

3. Transfer: Take the whipped cream that has been frozen from the freezer and quickly cut the parchment paper into squares so that each dollop is on its own. Have your tools and storage container ready so you can quickly put the frozen whipped cream back in the freezer because it starts to defrost quickly.

And if you have leftover whipped cream that you don’t want to waste (or eat with a spoon), whether you made a large batch for pumpkin pie, to serve over hot chocolate, or to spoon over waffles, you should definitely take that leftover whipped cream and freeze it.

Additionally, even though defrosted and frozen whipped cream will never be as gorgeous and voluminous as freshly whipped cream, it will still be sweet, creamy, and delicious.

One of life’s little luxuries, whipped cream improves everything it comes into contact with. It’s amazing how simply giving some heavy cream a whisk makes it turn out so beautifully, whether you want it to melt into your hot cocoa, top your hot fudge sundae, or gild your pie or apple crisp.

Simply place one of the frozen whipped cream mounds on top of your hot cocoa or coffee when it needs a creamy finishing touch. The texture of the whipped cream holds up really well, and it’s great to have such a fun garnish stashed away in the freezer. Transfer let the mounds directly onto the plated dessert, let them sit out for 15 to 20 minutes to thaw, then dig in!

Put everything in the freezer until it is completely frozen, then keep it in a freezer bag until you need it.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that whipped cream freezes extremely well. Put spoonfuls of whipped cream on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. If you feel like being artistic, use a piping tip to create small swirls. I created a few different sizes that would fit on top of strawberry shortcake or in a mug of hot chocolate.

We’re here to tell you that you should never, ever throw away leftover whipped cream. But what about that extra whipped cream that wasn’t served? Freeze it instead!.


How do you defrost whipping cream quickly?

Set your microwave to the defrost setting and leave the cover off for 30 seconds before adding the cool whip. After taking it out, stirring it, and giving it another 30 seconds in the microwave Keep going until it is defrosted. It will take between 2.5 and 3 minutes to use this technique.

Can you eat frozen whipped cream?

When whipped cream is frozen, it freezes incredibly well and can be used successfully. Whipping cream maintains its consistency despite having a high fat content, which typically separates when frozen. This is because sugar is added to the cream.

Will frozen whipped cream melt?

The best method for using frozen whipped cream without first defrosting it is to melt it on top of a hot beverage, such as a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. In those cases, you’re perfectly fine with the cream melting.

What happens to frozen whipping cream?

It’s important to remember that heavy cream that has been frozen and then thawed will not whip as well as fresh heavy cream. The more time the heavy cream spends in your freezer, the more ice crystals it will form, and the additional water content will stop the cream from becoming as voluminous as a carton of fresh heavy cream.

What can you do with frozen cream?

From soups and stews to cakes and pastries, you can use frozen heavy cream in a variety of recipes. Give frozen heavy cream a good thaw in the refrigerator and give it a good shake before using to redistribute the fat for delicious whipped cream.

Does whipped cream taste good frozen?

It’s great to have such a fun garnish stashed away in the freezer, and the whipped cream’s texture holds up really well.

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