How To Use Hobo Stove Stranded Deep

It requires a Campfire with a Fire Pit and a single Barrel Scrap. Like the campfire, it cooks food which is placed above it. It can cook as much food as the player can fit on its grate. Unlike the smoker, there is no interaction button for placing meat, the player must drop the meat onto the top.

In Stranded Deep crafting and managing to gather all the crafting materials for Hobo Stove can be considered living in luxury. It is very useful to cook meat and use it as a BBQ. Survivors might struggle to find the barrel and lighting up Hobo Stove difficult then this guide will help you set up and cook all the meat fast for your tummy.

You can find Barrel on the abandoned ships that are floating usually. You can drag down the Barrel on the Ocean as it floats and keeps on pulling till you reach the shore if you are near or else build a Raft and place the Barrel on top of it to safely transport it into the land. For more guide on Stranded Deep, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

After building Fire Pit we will need a Barrel to pin on top of it by either using Right-click to pin after opening the crafting Menu when the materials are closed enough or simply using Quick Crafting and put the Barrel on top of Fire Pit. After crafting the Hobo Stove, you will need to place the meat on top, and to light up the fire, you will need to pick up a stick or kindling and Hold E to light. Rub the sticks to light up the fire as you use to light up the Fire Pit and the same concept applies to Meat Smoker.

If you’re enjoying survival in Stranded Deep, you may be looking to increase your stockpile of sustainable food in the most efficient way possible. One way to do this is with the Stranded Deep Hobo Stove, the third and final upgrade to the firepit. This one can be a little trickier to come by, so this guide will focus on how to obtain the resources for and craft the Hobo Stove in Stranded Deep.

The firepit also allows for three additional upgrades to be crafted on top of it. The first is the Fire Spit, which allows for an additional piece of meat to be cooked on the fire. The second upgrade is the Meat Smoker, which allows the player to not only cook up to five pieces of meat, but over time will smoke the meat as well. This prevents the meat from spoiling indefinitely, allowing the player to store it for emergencies or future voyages. The last upgrade is a Hobo Stove, which allows players to cook an infinite amount of meat.

Once selected, the player can then place the Hobo Stove barrel scrap on top of their firepit. The player can fit as many pieces of meat on the grill as they would like. This is the most efficient method for cooking lots of meat at once. However, it is important to note that the Hobo Stove does not preserve meat like the Meat Smoker does. Cooking meat on the Hobo Stove will still cause the meat to spoil if not consumed within a day or so. If the player wants to preserve their meat, they must do so using the Meat Smoker.

They cannot be placed in the player’s inventory and can only be carried. All three barrels can be used to make a Barrel Raft Base, but one barrel will have to be sacrificed in order to make the Hobo Stove. You’ll have to carry the barrel scrap over to your firepit, then open up the crafting menu and scroll down until you see the Hobo Stove.

Currently, on the console versions of the game, players have widely reported that the Hobo Stove is not working and is unable to be lit or refueled. This is a known bug that will likely be patched by Beam Team in the near future, so for now it is recommended to use an alternative method of cooking such as the Meat Smoker until a patch comes along.


How do you put food on a hobo stove in Stranded Deep?

You only need to fuel your fire on the Hobo Stove 1x to cook 50 pieces of meat at the same time; with the smoker, you would need to fuel your fire 10x (5 pieces of meat x 10 separate cooking sessions = 50 pieces of small, cooked meat). Once cooked on the Hobo Stove, you move the meat to the smoker to preserve it.

What does hobo stove do?

A hobo stove is a style of improvised heat-producing and cooking device used in survival situations, by backpackers, hobos, tramps and homeless people. Hobo stoves can be functional to boil water for purification purposes during a power outage and in other survival situations, and can be used for outdoor cooking.

How do you cook stuff in Stranded Deep?

With a campfire or fire pit, dragging becomes a key mechanic to cooking. The player can drag any interactive object by clicking and holding the ‘drag’ key. One may have to hold the food item in place or find the right spot to leave it to keep it from falling out of the fire and interrupting the cooking process.

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