How To Use Mackerel Tree Rig?

MackerelĀ Tree Rigs areĀ fun to use, easy to fish, and they produce.

When attempting to catch schools of Spanish Mackerel, bluefish, and other game fish, Clarkspoon Mackerel Trees are a fantastic option. These compact rigs have four hooks and are covered in colorful surgical tubing. As a result, the rig is both simple to use and very sturdy. You will appreciate the sturdy coastlock snap and high-quality Mustad hooks on each drop that allow you to attach the Clarkspoon of your choice. Effective higher up in the water column or left unweighted or unplaned For years, anglers along the coast have exhausted Spanish and Blues with Mackerel Trees.

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Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and other game fish are deadly targets for this Gulf Coast and Florida favorite. The four hook rig is constructed with 3/0 gold Mustad forged hooks and colorful surgical tubing. Tube colors are flo. green, flo. red, bright yellow, and dark red. Available with our most popular size Clarkspoons. Sort by.

A deadly rig for catching multiple baits at once is the Sea Striker Mackerel tree. Use it trolling behind our No. 1 agenda with a Clark Spoon in 00 size at the end. Use it to catch Blues, Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners, and a variety of other trolling-baits. If the bait is too shallow to troll for, add a sinker and use it as a casting rig.


How do you use a mackerel rig?

Cast your feathers out. Holding your rod high, wind in after letting them sink to the bottom until the feathers are a few feet above the water’s surface. When retrieving your feathers, jigging the rod up and down will cause your feathers to flutter through the water columns like a baitfish on the run.

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