Is Jud A Scrabble Word

JUD is a valid scrabble word.

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    Definitions for JUD in dictionary:


  • a mass of coal ready for removal
  • large block of coal
  • No, jud is not in the scrabble dictionary

    1. An abbreviation of judicial.

    1. Judith.

    1. In Eng. coal-mining, a block of coal, about four yards square, holed, kirved, or undercut, and nicked, ready to be thrown down.

    2. In Eng. quarrying, same as jad, 2.

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    Is Jud a word in the dictionary?

    No, jud is not in the scrabble dictionary.

    What is a Jud?

    1 of 2) JUD. abbreviation for. Doctor of Canon and Civil Law.

    Is Jud in the Scrabble dictionary?

    Yes, jud is a valid Scrabble word.

    Is que a Scrabble word?

    Is Que a Scrabble Word? Despite the fact that it would be a useful word for the game, “que” is not a valid word to play in Scrabble. It commonly stands for “Quebec.” It is also the Spanish word for “what,” an appropriate question to ask when one finds out that the word isn’t legal in Scrabble.

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