What exactly has Deji accused KSI of?

Deji accuses KSI of gradual emotional and physical abuse throughout the years of recording videos together. He said: “It all started with an innocent slap, a few Q&As like ‘Slap Deji.’ I obviously saw the fun side of it too, at the time it was funny. But through the progression of those videos, slowly and progressively it started to get more violent, from throwing controllers, to throwing bottles, belts, even chairs. Obviously, I didn’t see it as a big thing. I just loved spending time with my brother.”

Deji attaches old videos of him playing games with his brother, which show KSI physically fighting with him.

Ksi And Deji Beef

He continues: “As you can see in some of the videos, you can see my obvious discomfort. I got tired of being a laughing post, really. Even back then, I would simply walk out because it wasn’t funny. I didn’t like it.”

Deji says he tried to tell KSI to stop the fighting privately, but that didn’t work. He added: “Obviously, I was young at the time. I looked up to my brother and didn’t see this as anything.”

Another example Deji gave of “physical abuse” was when KSI invented the idea of “FIFA slavery.” The premise of the game is that if one person scores, you get to hit the other one with a belt. Deji says: “Obviously at the time, I saw it as all fun and games. But when I look at it now. Even today, challenges with my brother. Pain is a recording theme. Even our latest challenge we’ve done consists of pain.”

Ksi And Deji Beef

Deji says he supported KSI through some really tough times but doesn’t feel he got any form support back, especially when KSI’s friend and cameraman Randolph made a diss track about Deji.

On this, Deji comments: “I felt betrayed. I always thought my brother would have my back time in dark times but as I look in the previous years, it looks like he doesn’t really support me. The love we both have is not reciprocal.”

Deji also accuses KSI of being manipulative and think he has been subliminally manipulating his subscribers to unfollow Deji.

He reveals the entire feud with his brother has lead him to have dark, suicidal thoughts.

What is the KSI and Deji beef all about?

The beef between KSI and Deji goes all the way back. They’ve been fighting for a long time now over various problems. But it all started on a YouTube game of “Family Feud” when KSI’s camera-man and friend, Randolph, made a dig at Deji’s channel being “dead” and escalated from there.

YouTuber Olajide “KSI” Olatunji was the latest guest on the Impaulsive podcast. Podcast host Logan Paul and the British YouTuber have been beefing since their boxing match in August 2018. It seems that the two have put the matter to rest after teaming up for the KSI Show, which took place on July 17.

The unexpected guest on the podcast show spoke in detail about the feud between him and his brother Deji, a fellow YouTuber. What started with Deji accusing KSI of being a toxic brother ended with Deji kicking him out of the family home and eventually making a diss track.

Currently, there seems to be less tension between the two. KSI wished his brother well on Instagram for his birthday, and Deji also congratulated KSI after his win against Logan Paul.

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