Lularoe Valentina Size Chart

View all Lularoe styles, Lularoe sizing, and Lularoe pricing. Click on a Lularoe style to see its corresponding size chart, price, and description. Feel free to ask me if you need more help with Lularoe sizing! I am very familiar with the fit of each style and each fabric in my inventory. And no need to worry, you can return or exchange something if it doesn’t fit.

Hi Guys, so glad youre here! Id love to help you find an amazing peice of Lularoe! What style are you looking for?

LuLaRoe Marly Size Chart and LuLaRoe Marly Sizing

The Marly is a midi length dress with a waist tie and pockets. It is designed for women of all shapes and sizes and really accents the waistline. It comes in a variety of patterns, prints, and colors and starts at a size XXS and goes up to a size 3XL. The LuLaRoe Marly size chart starts off with an XXS as the XXS fits a size 00-0, the XS fits a 2-4, S fits 6-8, M is 10-12, L is 14-16, XL fits a 18-20, 2XL is 22-24, and the 3XL fits sizes 26-28. The sizing is fairly true to size but depending on how you want you dress to fit, you can definitely size up and go more oversized. The tie around the waist is great for your regular size and for going up a size because it still draws the waist in and gives the dress a really feminine look. The LuLaRoe size chart tends to be spot on when it comes to Marly’s so don’t worry about a little sway in one direction or the other when it comes to these sizes. I for one followed suggestions on the LuLaRoe Marly sizing from a friend and it was spot on.

LuLaRoe Marly sizing:

Lularoe Valentina Size Chart


I didn’t think that I’d be able to fit into a small. I saw it on a hanger and said no. But, I tried it on. I knew I wasn’t going to button it, but I was curious how it would fit in the sleeves. I was shocked when the sleeves fit! Would I wear this size every day? No, but if I loved a print, I’d make it work.

I wasn’t sure if a medium would gape on me or pull across my taco baby, but I had to button it up for this review. I was pleasantly surprised when it stayed shut, even when I tried twisting and moving. If I was wearing something high-waisted, this shirt will be long enough to tuck in. Otherwise, I might find this shirt untucking itself on the sides as the day goes on. I think I’d wear a medium over a tank and jeans more often than not.

LuLaRoe Leggings Size Chart and LuLaRoe Leggings Sizing

LuLaRoe leggings have been a staple for most LuLaRoe lovers. They are very comfortable to wear and come in many prints, patterns, and colors. When it comes to LuLaRoe leggings sizes you only have choices of OS and T&C. The OS when it comes to LuLaRoe sizing stands for “one size fits most” and the T&C is tall and curvy. Some women can actually wear either size. A taller woman may want a shorter, cropped look and may opt for the OS but at the same time, can still fit into a pair of T&Cs. The OS fits most women who wear a size 0-12 and the T&C is for size 10-22. The LuLaRoe leggings size chart hasn’t changed much since their famous leggings came along but the newer batches of leggings tend to run a little tighter than the originals.

LuLaRoe leggings size chart:

Lularoe Valentina Size Chart


How does the LuLaRoe Eliza fit? How does LuLaRoe’s sizes fit? LuLaRoe Sizing Chart: XXS: Size 00-0 X-Small: Size 2-4 Small: Size 6-8 Medium: Size 10-12 Large: Size 14-16 X-Large: Size 18-20 2X-Large: Size 22-24 3X-Large: Size 24-26 The LuLaRoe products tend to run a little big, however all fabrics fit a bit differently.

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