Mod Podge Matte Vs Satin

Here are the best and top selling Mod Podge formulas for making decoupage crafts like photo transfer and making crafts. No matter if you are a beginner crafter or someone who makes decoupage crafts like transfers, jewelry boxes or painted jars for a living. Mod Podge is a staple in the craft room.

What is Mod Podge used for? Today we are answering all of your questions about how to use Mod Podge and talk about what formula is best for any type of crafting project.

This is the formula to use for when you need to be able to put something in the dishwasher after it is fully cured. This is a quick-drying formula and will dry clear. It has a smooth finish so its going to be good for projects that go in the dishwasher.

You can use this for gluing paper napkins to your coffee mugs and also use it for making beautiful glitter tumblers. Just be sure to wash your mugs on the top rack.

This quick dry formula is for when you want a totally matte finish. Some of the best ways to use this glue is to use it to seal painted mason jars for for when you want to use it for inserts for your junk journal ideas.

Its a great glue to have on hand for those projects where you dont want to have any glossy areas.

In this photo below matte mod podge was used to create these mason jars, decoupaged bird house and shabby chic jewelry box.

Heres the formula you need for when you want to make puzzles and then save them for display.

This durable decoupage glue will brush on clear and then it dries to a hard, glossy finish to preserve the beauty of your puzzles.

This is a glue formula that is more thick than their regular gloss. So its going to be good to use on surfaces like wood, canvas and terra cotta. Theres pretty much endless possibilities and it will even go onto fabric to create wall art.

One of the things you can use this for is to make your own jewelry. You can order jewelry blanks here on Amazon and then cut out pieces of scrapbooking papers. Then use the gloss glue to seal the into the pendant.

This is hands down some of the best glitter glue we have used. This is their glitter line of glues which come in holographic, gold and silver. Once the glue dries, all thats left is gorgeous sparkle.

We also have a tutorial How To Use Mod Podge which you can check out. It gives you the basics of Mod Podge and teaches you how to use it!

One of the top selling Mod Podge formula is the photo transfer glue. So what you do is apply it directly to dry toner prints with a sponge or brush. Then you lay the piece of fabric down onto the photo. Once it is dry, you remove the paper and you have a photo transfer.

Watch the video tutorial on how to make a photo transfer on their Amazon listing in the merchant video section.

What is the Difference Between a Mod Podge matte and a Mod Podge gloss?

The matte variant gives off an eggshell finish, which is not reflective, giving your artwork a clean surface. On the other hand, the gloss variant is quite the opposite; it has a glare effect or reflective and bright texture.

As we delve more into their properties, we will know more about their different aspects and their other outstanding qualities when using this formula.

Finish Clean, soft, has a slight tooth, and an easy-to-clean surface. Similar to an eggshell texture. Reflective and shiny.
Purpose Multipurpose sealant, glue, and finisher. Can be used to amplify decoupage art with optimum preservation, matte finish, and artistic features. Multipurpose sealant, glue, and finisher. Can be used to amplify decoupage art with optimum preservation, shiny finish, and artistic features.
Preservation Properties Preserves the quality of decoupage art with a resilient surface to ward off dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Preserves the quality of decoupage art with a clean and much smoother surface. Adds a subtle layer of protection against water.
Odor Has little to no odor Has a strong odor
Drying Texture Dries completely clear though can alter the paper’s color depending on the type Dries completely clear
Longevity Has no expiration date but usability depends on how it is stored. It can last for 5 to 8 months or a year. It can last for years when unopened or unused. Has no expiration date but usability depends on how it is stored. It can last for 5 to 8 months or a year. It can last for years when unopened or unused.
Drying Time Quick-drying; Dry to touch within an hour. Dries completely in 24 hours. Quick-drying; Dry to touch within an hour. Dries completely in 24 hours.
Versatility Can be used on fabric, plastic, metal, canvas, ceramic, painted wood, and paper. Can be used on fabric, plastic, metal, canvas, ceramic, painted wood, and paper.
Price Reasonable Reasonable


With the texture itself, matte has a clean and soft feel to it with an easy-clean surface that we usually see on the quality of the decoupage. It somehow lends a texture or subtle feeling similar to an eggshell.

The gloss has a dashing touch to it that you usually see in magazines, typically with glaring quality. It gives your decoupage more refining details because of its reflective appearance, highlighting your craft and its attractive features.


As it is an all-in-one art finishing, they do have the same purpose – and that is the gluing part. The only difference between the gloss and matte variants is that the matte has more texture or tooth than the gloss type. Both Mod Podge variants provide aesthetic finishing touches that can highlight the grandeur of your decoupage.

Moreover, the gloss and matte variants can accentuate your creation and give it a detailed design as well as highlight the effects of your craft. What is more fascinating is that it can preserve your favorite paper designs and projects beautifully and for a long time.

Preservation Properties

Since the matte Mod Podge has some tooth in it, it can preserve your art and ward off potential elements that can damage your art. Fingerprints, dust, and dirt, for example. As it reinforces the quality and resilience of your decoupage, it can keep it from tearing easily.

The gloss variant, on the other hand, also shares excellent preserving properties as the matte type, only it adds more shine and reflective appearance. Since it has a much smoother layer, it can give your art a subtle layer of protection against water.


The matte has little to no odor. However, the gloss has a strong stench that persists even after a day. It wears off after a few days, although some may find it bothersome.

The glossy sealant has a smell similar to some art products like glue, though Mod Podge normally has this smell because of the formula. Each brand utilizes its unique formula, which is why the odor differs from one another. However, you do not have to worry about the smell affecting your health because it is water-based and non-toxic.

Drying Texture

As the matte does dry clearly on white paper, it can sometimes affect the color of paper, usually when used on kraft paper or black paper. The same thing happens with the gloss variant although it leaves a smoother, cleaner, and clearer texture.

Nonetheless, both formulas ensure aesthetic quality that can transform your paper cutouts and prints into artistic artwork. When applied correctly, both types will dry completely clear without any color alterations to your designs.


The Mod Podge gloss and matte variants do not have expiration dates; nonetheless, it is dependent on how it is stored. Most sealants will last a year, and some may last five to eight months. When left unused or unopened, it can last for years.

The more you utilize these formulas, the better the outcomes will be. Moreover, the more you use them, the longer it will take to obtain a really satisfying result for your project.

Drying Time

Both glossy and matte sealants will feel touch-dry in an hour, but it is better to wait for 24 hours for them to dry completely.

Though it can dry completely after 24 hours, you may allow extra drying time to achieve a smooth and even appearance. Because these sealants also have different compounds, matte can sometimes dry more quickly when applied to your art. As you can see, the texture is flat whereas gloss has a shining detailed touch.


Although we compare Mod Podge Gloss vs. Matte products in this review, both variants share similar versatility in terms of the materials or surfaces you want to work on.

They both work as multipurpose sealants, glue, and finishers that can ramp up your decoupage with a sophisticated design and stylish quality. You can use them on various surfaces and materials such as painted wood, canvas, fabric, plastic, metal, ceramic, and paper.


The cost of this type of brand is determined by the size and quantity of the formula purchased. Overall, the pricing is reasonable, especially if you want to give your project an elevated and more sophisticated appearance without spending a massive outlay.

Mod Podge® is loved by crafters all over, including me. It’s like an all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish! It’s great for almost all types of projects and can be used on most surfaces. It is easy to use, non-toxic and comes in a variety of finishes/formulas. It pretty much allows you to decorate just about any surface imaginable. Sounds amazing right?

So there you have it! Details about every Mod Podge formula and their finishes. Before researching and heading out to Michael’s, I never knew there were so many! I was so overwhelmed and worried about using the wrong one. But after getting all of this great information, my mind was put at ease.

Hard Coat Mod Podge: This is mostly used for furniture. It has an extremely durable finish and it provides extra protection for projects that are used and handled more often. It also has a satin finish so it doesn’t show scratches and marks like the gloss or matte.

I used Mod Podge on my canvas art that I recently posted about and it turned out amazing! So if you’ve ever wanted to use Mod Podge or wondered what each one was for, I’m here to give you everything you need to know.

Helpful Tips About Using Mod Podge

Test inks before applying to make sure they wont smear

Be sure surfaces are clean and dry before applying

Mod Podge will hold up best on decorative items that don’t have to be washed often

Wash brushes and applicators out with soap and water

Wait one hour between coats

Will dry very quickly and the final cure happens within about 2 to 3 weeks

Projects can be cleaned by lightly wiping with a dampened, lint-free rag

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