Mrs Howell From Gilligan’S Island

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The Howells have more outfits than the other castaways in total. Mrs. Howell has different things like mink coats and diamond brooches, usually with an accompanying large, brimmed hat with flowers on it. It is not known why they brought so much on the boat, though.

Personality Profile[]

Mrs. Howell is always proper and poised, a common rich lady. She, though, is less concerned about money than her husband, Mr. Howell. in the episode The Kidnapper, she comments, “Its only money”. Mrs. Howell is sometimes sensitive but usually gets what she wants from her husband.

Mrs. Howell also has a knack for hosting parties and planning other things. As evidence of this, she once tried to get Gilligan and Mary Ann together, then the Professor and Ginger. Aside from her reputation of a match-maker, she is known for being sweet and gracious―although she is jealous of Erika Tiffany Smith, who was listed before the Howells in the Social Register. She is also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Like the Professor, she is very diligent that people around her use proper English, correcting Gilligan with “whom” over “who.” She also speaks a bit of French. Not enough to have a command of the language but enough to use frequent French phrases. However, in one incident, she actually comes clear with her limited knowledge of the language by confessing she doesnt speak French.

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