Naruto Hand Signs Shadow Clone Jutsu

What is Jutsu and the Multi shadow clone technique?

Naruto Hand Signs Shadow Clone Jutsu

First of all, what is Jutsu? Jutsu is one of the mainskills Naruto has and develops along the series. It contains supernaturalskills that he has during different fighting scenes. This is a real Japanesetechnique that is based on splitting the chakra generally into one clone. However,in Naruto cartoons, he can create as many shadow clones as he wants.

If Naruto makes less than five clones, he will say “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu” which stands for Shadow Clone Technique. On the other hand, if his chakra is strong enough to make more than five clones he would say “Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu” which stands for Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.

How to do shadow clone Jutsu? How is it performed? (Shadow clone Jutsu Hand signs)

You will notice that there is an entire ritual Narutofollows to create these chakra clones. And as it might be fascinating to try itin real life, you might be curious about this technique. The secret stays inthe position of the hands and precise use of the fingers.

The fingers plus Hand sign

Naruto Hand Signs Shadow Clone Jutsu

The technique used by Naruto to split his chakra into asmany clones as he chooses is based on his fingers. To replicate the shadowclone Jutsu you will need to use both of your hands and, especially the indexfinger of one hand and middle finger of another hand.

Lift your hands at the same height as your eyes just straight enough to be able to see them clearly. You will have to bend your elbows in order to bring your fingers together. Once your hands can touch each other, raise your middle finger from your left hand, leaving the other four fingers in the fist position. Simultaneously, raise the index finger from your right hand while keeping the rest of them gathered in a fist position as well.

You will place the right-hand index finger in a horizontal position behind the vertical middle finger from your left hand. This will create a cross sign or a plus sign, depending on how you create it. Keep the plus sign in front of your eyes and say the magic sentence that will multiply your chakra into as many clones as you want, being it less than five or more than five.

Make sure to keep your hands lifted and your fingers inthe plus sign until the clones are created. Even if you should pay attention toyour hands and fingers to create this technique, you have to also focus on yourenemy. This will help you direct your chakra clones to follow your actions andget the result you want from the fight.

In the Naruto series, one can’t make the multi shadowclone unless they have enough chakra to support it. This is essential for thesuccess of such a powerful Jutsu technique and it shouldn’t be wasted. For thisreason, only the powerful ninja masters can clone themselves into severalreplicas.

It is important to note that this technique will not be possible with tied hands. so, you will need free hands and complete control over your fingers to perform it. You will have to make the same plus sign with your middle finger and index finger regardless of how many clones you want to create in one scheme.

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The hand signs used to evoke the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu arent different than the standard Shadow Clone Jutsu. The only difference is the amount of chakra consumed during the execution of the jutsu.

The hand signs are given below:


Does Shadow Clone jutsu have hand signs?

While this jutsu is purely fictional, it’s fun and simple to do, as it doesn’t require a mix of hand symbols, unlike other ninja art techniques.

Is Shadow Clone a forbidden jutsu?

In Kakashi Hiden, while waiting for his new arm, Naruto creates shadow clones with a one-handed seal: a cross with his left hand’s index and middle finger. In the anime, when Hōki claims to be using the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique, he is actually using the Haze Clone Technique.

How does Naruto say Shadow Clone jutsu in Japanese?

The user’s chakra is split evenly between the original and the clones that he or she creates. Making a few clones this way is practical, but if the user makes too many, then the user’s chakra is spread too thinly, and that may prove fatal, so the technique is forbidden.

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