Noodles And Company Uniform

Financial Wellness, Instant Pay & Automated Savings

Noodles offers all team members access to a financial wellness platform. This mobile app called Even allows team members to become more financially secure by getting paid instantly when unexpected expenses arise, setting up a savings account for something special or unexpected in the future, viewing how much you’ve earned at any point during the pay cycle, and utilizing a budget that is automatically created for you. This tool provides our team members with the financial freedom to make choices that allow them to love life.

We offer several perks to help our team members keep money in their pockets. Some of these include discounts on travel, electronics, cellular service, pet insurance, concert and event tickets, and more! We also partner with a third party that helps team members save money on work related parking or public transit using pre-tax dollars.

Noodles & Company offers a variety of benefits packages depending on your position. Team members can enroll in both dental and vision benefits separately from their medical benefits. If team members are enrolled in these benefits, they can enroll their dependents including domestic partners.

We love to recognize our team members . We do this in several ways, including our monthly “Noodler of the Month” award which is peer-nominated and given to team members who embody the Noodles values. Additionally, we also honor every anniversary with swag and have monthly celebrations in our restaurants to recognize our teams.

Career growth opportunity is available here at Noodles and we encourage all of our team members to reach for the sky! We have an incredible management development path in place to support team members looking to grow their careers.

Finally, we recognize that every team member is unique and foster an inclusive environment that celebrates and recognizes the differences that make each team member special while making sure that they always feel comfortable bringing their true selves to work every day.

Noodles & Company offers eligible team members the ability to save for retirement and will match a portion of the contribution. Additionally, all team members have access to financial advisors who can assist them in making investment options and planning for the future.

All team members are eligible for the Noodles Employee Assistance Program. This includes free mental health, legal, and financial resources. Some of these benefits include counseling for:

  • Mental Health Wellness: stress, depression, relationships, grief, alcohol/drug misuse
  • Legal Support: divorce, real estate, will, estate planning, legal dispute
  • Financial Counseling: budgeting, debt management, student loans, mortgage, bankruptcy, retirement, taxes
  • We offer free online Spanish and English classes to all our team members, with three levels to choose from!

    Some positions receive:

  • Paid maternity and paternity/bonding leaves
  • A generous adoption and surrogacy benefit
  • Phase out/phase in maternity program
  • Because we truly care for our team members and recognize that at times everyone may need a little hand, we provide a team member funded foundation that allows our team members to contribute to a fund that can be used by any team members experiencing a financial hardship.

    Noodles & Company has a Flexible Time Off Policy at our Central Support Office. There is no set number of days team members are able to take off per year. This allows team members to better control their work/life balance and take off the time that they need rather than save it for illness or emergency. And after 10 years of consecutive employment at Noodles & Company, team members are granted their 10th anniversary leave and receive 20 consecutive paid days off.

    Enjoy generous discounts through our gift card program, our very own soda machine, several coffee flavors to kick start the day and complimentary food tastings when our culinary team perfects recipes in the test kitchen located at the Central Support Office.

    We encourage professional development and provide opportunities to attend conferences and skills seminars.

  • We award ten $3,000 scholarships to deserving team members or team member’s children and offer $3,500 tuition assistance per year to all team members who want to pursue a college degree.
  • Additionally, all team members can take free English or Spanish language courses.
  • Noodles & Company offers a full benefits package to team members including medical, dental, vision, 401(k), life insurance and more.

    The Noodle Company corporate office promotes a unique, casual environment where creativity is encouraged, laughter expected and collaboration promoted. It is not uncommon for employees in these roles to wear jeans to work. However, they generally must dress business casual when in client-facing situations.

    The dress code at Noodles & Company ranges from uniform for those working at the restaurant, and smart casual for employees in managerial and corporate roles. Some of the dress code policy is dictated by the requirements of food safety.

    Restaurant staff are provided with two work shirts upon hire, with the option to purchase additional shirts. They are also given an apron, a nametag, and baseball cap or chef hat with the Noodles Company logo. Staff must provide their own black pants and slip-resistant shoes.


    Can you wear shorts to Noodles and Company?

    No shorts, cutoffs, or skirts in the restaurant, unless skirts are required for bona fide religious reasons. If you are working at an outdoor Noodles & Company event, you may wear solid color shorts that are no more than four inches above the knee, clean, and pressed.

    Do Noodles and Company employees get discounts?

    Noodles & Company serves really good food and encourages you to enjoy it. Restaurant team members are offered a free meal while on duty and a 20% discount when off duty.

    Can you have acrylics at Noodles and Company?

    No you cannot wear fake nails and you also cannot wear any nose piercings. The fake nails are really prohibited because that’s considered an health hazard.

    Is Noodles and Company flexible?

    Flexibility, fun, and free Noodles. And that’s just the beginning. Our Noodlers enjoy competitive pay and flexible schedules, whether they’re with us for a few hours a week or to build a career.

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