Oxidation Number Of Manganese In Mno4


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The sum of the oxidation states of all of the atoms needs to equal the total charge on the ion.

For example, for $ce{NH4+}$, if each hydrogen atom has an oxidation state of +1, and the overall charge is +1, then we can solve for the oxidation state of nitrogen:

$$begin{aligned} 4(+1) + OS_ce{N} &= +1\ OS_ce{N} &= +1 -4(+1) \ OS_ce{N} &= -3 end{aligned}$$

Similarly, we can do $ce{SO4^2-}$. If each oxygen atom has an oxidation state of -2, and the overall charge is -2, we can solve for the oxidation state of sulfur:

$$begin{aligned} 4(-2) + OS_ce{S} &= -2\ OS_ce{S} &= -2 -4(-2) \ OS_ce{S} &= +6 end{aligned}$$

Seeing as Oxygen has an oxidation state of -2 and you have 4 Oxygen atoms, the total charge contributed by Oxygen = -8. Because the total charge of this compound = -1, then in this case Mn = +7 +7 – 8 = -1

As you said Oxygen has the oxidation state of -2 so if we add up all the oxygens they have a -8 oxidation state.

As the oxidation state of the ion is equal to its charge, the Mn has to “balance” the -8 to get it up to -1. Therefore the oxidation state of Mn in Mno4- is +7.

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    hello everyone here are the cause and oxidation number of MN in KMnO4 – is + 4 is it true or false so here we calculate the oxidation number for payment in Amazon offer – 4 – Sohail let it be the oxidation number of MN b x and we know that the charge of oxygen is -2 and here are the charge of whole molecule is -1 so is it this is equal to -1 if it is not also it is equal to zero but here it is charges given the charges present at this molecule or these compounds show it is equal to -1 so here it is me x minus 8 is equal to minus x is equal to 8 minus one that is equal to 1 + 7 so here the oxidation number of MN

    in mno4 – + 7 but here it is given that oxidation number of MN in KMnO4 is plus 4 so it is the false it is false thank you Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book – AAKASH INSTITUTE ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

    ∴ x = +7 Concept: Oxidation States of First Transition Series Is there an error in this question or solution? Advertisement

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