Prime Cooked Meat Ark

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Preserving Cooked Prime Meat is much easier than cooking it before it spoils. You can put it in a Preserving Bin or Fridge. Though if you turn it into Cooked Prime Meat Jerky it will last even longer. Cooked Prime Meat Jerky is made simply by adding Oil to the Preserving Bin and is one of the Rockwell Recipes.

Cooked Prime Meat is produced by cooking Raw Prime Meat and is used as a food source, a taming food, and as an ingredient in many of the Rockwell Recipes. The trick with Prime Meat is that is spoils incredibly fast, so knowing how to cook it fast and preserve it are key to building a supply of this resource.

Until you reach higher levels, your only way to cook Prime Meat fast enough to avoid losing too much of it is to have one campfire for each one to two pieces of Raw Prime Meat. When it is raw, this stuff spoils in two minutes. Once cooked, you have 40 minutes before it will spoil. The only other option for cooking it is to use the Industrial Grill, which is a higher level Engram and requires a good amount of resources and Gasoline.

Cooked Prime Meat Spawn Command (GFI Code)

Use the admin cheat command along with the GFI code to spawn Cooked Prime Meat in the game.

Click the copy button to copy the command to your clipboard.⌘

Click the copy button to copy the Cooked Prime Meat blueprint path to your clipboard.⌘

It can also be used for taming any Carnivore. Cooked Prime Meat replenishes the same 50 food as regular Raw Meat to a Dino being tamed, but it tames the Dino at 1.5 times the speed. However, it is not advised to use Cooked Prime Meat for taming, as Raw Prime Meat is even more effective at taming (3 times compared to Raw Meat) except in the case of the Thylacoleo which prefers cooked over raw meat.


Is cooked prime meat good in Ark?

Usage. If eaten by a survivor, Cooked Prime Meat replenishes 25.0 health and 35.0 points of food over 6 seconds. Raw Meat) except in the case of the Thylacoleo which prefers cooked over raw meat.

How long does it take prime meat to cook ark?

One piece of raw fish meat takes 20 seconds to cook in the campfire. A stack of 15 takes five minutes, and a stack of 30 takes ten minutes. Prime meat cooks at the same speed as standard quality meats.

Will Dinos eat cooked prime meat ark?

All the carnivores are eating cooked meat of any kind that is placed on them, before eating raw meat.

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