Recipe For Warm Doublet

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild cold resistance is vital if you want to start exploring snowy areas.

One such area is Mount Hylia, which youll encounter at the start of the game on the way to the Keh Manut Shrine. Without cold resistance, Link will rapidly lose health and perish.

An easy way to get early Cold Resistance is through cooking, so before you set off, heres how to create food to take with you before your snowy climb.

Its also possible to get an item of clothing – the Warm Doublet – by doing a small quest on the Great Plateau thatll save you having to worry about stocking up on warming recipes.

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How to get the warm doublet

If you want the Breath of the wild warm doublet item before you head to the snowy area to tackle the two shrines found there, you need to make a Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry for the Old Man. If you complete the shrines without it, youll find the doublet in the Old Mans cabin, but its much more convenient to pick it up beforehand.

Read the diary in the Old Mans cabin and youll discover a partial recipe. It turns out that hell hand his warm doublet over to whoever figures out the missing ingredient.

The three ingredients are a Spicy Pepper, Raw Meat, and Hyrule Bass.

The pepper can be found growing near the entrance to the snowy area at the end of the path from the Shrine of Resurrection. There is a Bokogoblin camp off to the right of the arch and youll find a pepper plant here.

The fish can be seen swimming in the lake next to the Temple of Time. You can either shoot them with an arrow and dive in to grab them, swim over them and grab them, or throw a bomb in the water and wade in to get their bodies.

The Forest of Spirits is home to a number of boar. The easiest way to kill them is with a well-placed headshot. Otherwise, you can try to sneak up on them, but be warned, theyre flighty buggers.

Once youve made the dish, you need to present it to him when hes resting next to a campfire at night and tell him you cooked something.

Hand over the dish and the warm doublet is yours.

Oman Au Shrine in Breath of the Wild

The Oman Au Shrine is the first one youll visit and the Old Man will point it out to you after you activate the Great Plateau Tower.

Make your way over and head inside. Interact with the podium on the left to get the Magnesis Rune which will give you a big magnet, basically.

Use your new power to life up the metal plates on the floor and head down the ladder.

Use Magnesis to pull out the metal blocks from the wall and climb over.

Cross the metal plank in front of you, and then use Magnesis to pick it up and make a bridge to the next platform.

Once youre on the other side, look up to the left to spot a metal chest. Use your magentic power to drag it over. The Travelers Bow is inside.

Now yank open the doors and the the shine is finished.

Ja Baij Shrine in Breath of the Wild

The Ja Baij Shrine is in the Eastern Abbey ruins. To the east. Obviously.

Watch out for live Guardians ready to zap you into oblivion, and head inside.

Interact with the plinth to get the Remote Bomb and blow up the cracked wall in front of you.

Blow up the wall to the right to reveal a chest containing a Travelers Claymore.

Now blow up the wall to the left, and hop onto the moving platform to get to the next room.

First of all, well get the chest in this area.

Head over to the far left.

Stand on the hydraulic platform and let it jettison you over to the platform with the chest containing amber.

Now head over to the right and up the steps. Drop a bomb into the pipe up here to blow up the cracked rocks opposite.

You can now climb the ladder and complete the shrine.


How do you make the old man’s recipe in Zelda?

Old Man’s recipe secret ingredient is in its name – seafood – so you will have to capture some fish, specifically, Hyrule Bass. These are easy to find in the nearby lake or even easier to catch in the small pond just west of the Temple of Time.

How do you make warming food in Zelda?

If you combine Raw Meat, Spicy Peppers, and Raw Bass (which can be found in the ponds in the area), it will make the Old Man recipe. Take that plate of food and head back to the cabin (if you happened to cook it elsewhere) and wait until nighttime for the Old Man to appear.

Can you miss the Warm Doublet Botw?

Go to your inventory and hold the raw meat, Hyrule Bass and the Spicy Pepper. Return to the game, stand next to the cooking pot and you’ll have to option to cook what you’re holding. This will give you Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry. Speak to the Old Man and you’ll get the Warm Doublet.

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