San Bernardino County Food Handlers Card

What else will I need in order to take the course online?

The county requires you to provide first and last name, address, date of birth, gender, and name of employer. In addition, you will need a valid email address in order to take the course.

Employers are responsible for maintaining accurate records that all food handlers employed by the establishment hold a valid California Food Handlers Card. An example of proper documentation would be to keep a copy of each food handler’s card on file, so it is available upon request to the next health inspector.

Generally, no. Your food handler card will be issued under your name and valid for 3 years, even if you start working for a different employer or work for two or more restaurants. However, if any of the establishments you work for is located in San Bernardino, San Diego or Riverside County, you will need to obtain a Food Handlers Card to work there. These counties issue their own food handler card.

San Bernardino Food Handler Card Requirements

All food-related employees working in San Bernardino county are required to receive food safety training. But unlike the rest of the state – that requires training from ANSI-accredited course providers – San Bernardino requires food-related employees to receive training ONLY from their own Environmental Health Services.

This means that all other food handler cards – even if you have successfully completed their training and examination – are not applicable and are considered a non-acceptable substitute inside San Bernardino county.

San Bernardino food handler card training is accessible online 24/7. To access the San Bernardino food handler online portal, just click here.

Once you successfully complete the training and examination given, you will then be granted your San Bernardino food handlers card. But keep in mind, once you receive your food handler card, it expires exactly three years later.

The San Bernardino food safety training and exam are both accessible through the county’s online portal. Everything you will need pertaining to your San Bernardino food handlers card will be found there. The first thing you need to do is purchase and create an account.

The training and test altogether cost a one-time payment of $22. And only debit and credit card payment are accepted.

The training/course is followed by a 40-question multiple-choice quiz on all things food preparation and safety.

San Bernardino food handler testers are required to make AT LEAST an 80% on the exam in order to pass. This means you can only get 8 questions wrong! But everything provided via their training portal should be more than enough to make things easy.

You are also allowed to take the San Bernardino County Food Handlers Test over again, just in case you don’t pass the first time. That’s right, you get two attempts to pass the test. Otherwise, you will have to repurchase the training and take the quiz again!

To summarize the San Bernardino county food safety course and exam details, we provided list below. Hopefully this helps clear everything up:

  • 100% online course
  • 100% county approved (The ONLY course you should be taking as a food handler in the county of San Bernardino)
  • $22 one-time purchase for the both course and quiz
  • 2 test attempts
  • 40-question multiple choice quiz
  • 80% to pass (can only get 8 questions wrong max)
  • The card expires after 3 years
  • Can access training portal anytime before card expires
  • FAQ

    How do I get a food handlers card in San Bernardino County?

    If you are a food handler in San Bernardino County, California, you are required to complete a food safety course that is ap- proved for use in San Bernardino County. Completing an approved food safety course will award you with a San Bernardino County Food Handlers Card.

    How do I get a copy of my food handlers card California?

    If you took the First Principles for Food Handlers certificate program in person in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, or Texas, call Customer Service at 800-446-0257. The cost for reprints for either course is $3.95. Your new certificate will be delivered within 5-7 days.

    How much is a food handlers card in California?

    $7.95 | California Food Handlers Card | eFoodHandlers®

    How long does it take to get a food handlers card in California?

    The California food handler training course takes about 2.5 hours to complete. Because San Diego County sets its own training standards, San Diego County Online Food Handler Training takes at least 3 hours to complete, not including the final exam.

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