Seats On Boeing 777

Configuration: Rows 39 to 46 seats ABC and HJK Rows 49 to 50 seats ABC and HJK

Boeing 777-300ER Technical Specifications

Avionics Honeywell Avionics
Engine 2x General Electric GE90-115B Turbofan
Power 115,300 lb-f
Max Cruise Speed 510 knots (945 Km/h)
Approach Speed (Vref) 149 knots
Range 7,730 Nautical Miles (14,316 Kilometers)
Fuel Economy 0.16 nautical mile/gallon (0.078 kilometres/litre)
Service Ceiling 43,100 feet
Rate of Climb 3000 feet/minute (15.24metre/second)
Take-Off Distance 3000 metre – 9,842.40 feet
Landing Distance 1800 metre – 5,905.44 feet
Seats – Economy/General 550 seats
Seats – Business Class 451 seats
Seats – First Class 365 seats
Cabin Height 2.2 meter – 7.22 feet
Cabin Width 5.86 meter – 19.23 feet
Cabin Length 59.24 meter – 194.35 feet
Exterior Length 73.86 meter – 242.32 feet
Tail height 18.85 meter – 61.84 feet
Fuselage Diameter 6.19 meter – 20.31 feet
Wing Span / Rotor Diameter 64.8 meter – 212.60 feet
Wing Tips Raked Wingtips
Max Take-Off Weight 351,535 Kg (774,994 lbs)
Max Landing Weight 260,816 Kg (574,995 lbs)
Max Payload 69,853 Kg (153,998 lbs)
Fuel Tank Capacity 47,890 gallon (181,283 litre)
Baggage Volume 213.8 m3/7,550 ft3

Boeing 777 300ER Seats configuration

Seats On Boeing 777

As per the Boeing 777 300ER seat design, it can accommodate 370 passengers in a 2-class layout with 28 tons of cargo. The seating configuration may slightly differ from airline to airline due to their specific requirements.

So, let’s explore the Boeing 777 300ER seats configuration of some popular airlines including United Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Singapore Air, Qatar Airways, Evaair, Thai Airways, and Korean Air.

All Nippon Airways Boeing 777 300ER seats configuration

The Boeing 777-300ER (77W) operated by All Nippon Airways comes with seating arrangements of 250 seats, 212 seats and a new 212 seat capacity.

The 250 seats arrangements contain 8 First Class, 52 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 166 Economy class seats. The seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42 in which First Class seats are allocated in rows 1 and 2, Business Class seats in rows 5 to 17, Premium economy seats in rows 18 to 20, and Economy class seats in rows 24 to 42.

Seats On Boeing 777

The emergency exits are placed on both sides at the front of the cabin, both sides behind row 6, both sides behind row 17, both sides in front of row 30, and both sides at the back of the cabin.

In contrast, the 212 seats configuration holds 8 First Class, 68 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 112 Economy class seats numbered from 1 to 42. Rows 1 and 2 are occupied by First Class seats, rows 5 to 21 by Business Class seats, rows 25 to 27 by Premium Economy seats, and remaining rows 30 to 42 by the Economy Class seats. Emergency exit locations are the same as on 250 seats.

The new 212 seats configuration is slightly different from the 212 seats as it is equipped with 8 seats in First Class, 64 seats in Business Class, 24 in Premium Economy, and 116 seats in Economy Class. Rows 1 and 2 are owned by First Class seats, rows 5 to 20 by Business Class seats, and rows 25 to 27 by Premium Economy seats. Emergency exits are almost the same but one is located on both sides in front of row 7 and another on both sides behind row 16.


What is the seating on a Boeing 777?

The first four rows are in a mini-cabin of sorts, and you’ll probably find these to be the most quiet. But the best seats in the house (outside of the Polaris cabins, of course) are located in the third economy cabin, in row 39 (more on that shortly).

What are the best seats on a Boeing 777-200?

There are 8 First Class, 52 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 166 Economy Class seats. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42.

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