Sistema Noodle Bowl Recipes

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Step 1: It all starts in New Zealand

Sistema® products are made at our state-of-the-art factory in New Zealand.

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We design high quality reusable food storage, on-the-go and hydration products.

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  • Microwave™ Microwave solutions 940ml Noodle Bowl Colour The Sistema® Microwave™ Noodle Bowl is ideal for noodles and stir fries. Steam release vent in… 171mm X 102mm X 156mm
  • Microwave™ Microwave solutions 850ml Breakfast Bowl The Sistema® Microwave™ breakfast bowl is specifically designed to heat porridge and other breakf… 168mm X 85mm X 156mm
  • What Is the Sistema Microwave Bowl?

    This handy bowl is designed to conveniently cook noodles in the microwave, and can also be used to reheat pasta, stews, and soup.

    The sleek and stylish bowl is designed with a lid that has vents for steam release, as well as cool-to-touch tabs which make it easy to lift.

    Made from 100% virgin plastic, this soup bowl is dishwasher-safe. The material also makes it safe to store your food in the fridge or freezer.

    Key ingredients to a good noodle sauce

    This sauce recipe is similar to what my mom likes to use for her dry noodles which include these ingredients:

  • Mushrooms stir-fry sauce is made from a blend of mushrooms, soy sauce, and garlic. My Vegan Stir Fry sauce is a great homemade version to create that umami flavor if you can’t find a store-bought version.
  • Dark soy sauce is a thick, rich, and less salty soy sauce. Not only does it add color to a dish, but it also gives a touch of sweetness to this recipe.
  • Toasted sesame oil is one of my favorite oils to use in a lot of dishes. It has an amazing nutty flavor and a low smoke point so it’s best to add as a finishing touch like in this recipe. Fried shallot oil or chili oil such as Easy 5-ingredient Homemade Chili Oil is also a great addition or substitution.
  • White pepper has a complex peppery taste and they smell so good. A little goes a long way so I love to spice up the sauce with a few dashes of it.
  • Vegetable broth is optional but highly recommended especially when you love more sauce in your noodles. That said, use your favorite vegetable broth brand or homemade stock.
  • Sistema Noodle Bowl Recipes

    1. Can I store the unused dough? Yes, of course. Once you divide the dough into 4 portions, wrap the unused dough and refrigerate. Thaw to room temperature before use.

    2. Why is the sauce too watery for my noodles? In this recipe, I added vegetable broth along with other ingredients to create a flavorful sauce. To avoid sauce being too thin:

  • Drain the noodles well so there is no excess water added to the sauce
  • Cook down the vegetable broth before mixing it up with other sauce ingredients.
  • 3. What can I substitute for tofu and mushrooms? Soy mince or seitan crumbles are great to get the ‘meaty’ texture. To replace the umami flavors of mushrooms, you can add sauteéd fresh tomatoes for the sauce.

    4. Is there a gluten-free option? Yes, I tested one serving noodle with a gluten-free flour blend and it worked great. I must say, the noodles are not as chewy and more on the softer side. So, cook the gluten-free noodles properly or they will break easily.

    5. How do I make the tofu look crumbly as pictured? Firm tofu is the key to create that crumbly look. First, press the tofu or drain out as much liquid out as possible. Then, in a non-stick pan, mash the tofu into crumbles. Cook tofu over low to medium heat by stirring continuously. Once the tofu turns slightly brown and dry, add a drizzle of oil (adjust oil depending on tofu volume) and continue to cook until golden brown and dry.


    Can you microwave Noodles in a bowl?

    Place them in a microwave-safe bowl and cover them with 1-2 cups (237-473 mL) of water. Then, put the bowl in the microwave and cook the noodles for 3 to 5 minutes. Test the noodles to make sure they’re as soft as you like.

    Are Sistema bowls microwave-safe?

    Sistema® Canister™ containers are not recommended for microwave or freezer use.

    Can you cook noodle in microwave?

    Yes, it is possible to cook pasta in the microwave. Place your pasta in a microwave-safe bowl, cover with water and microwave on High for the same amount of time stated on the packet directions, plus 3 minutes, or until al dente. Drain and stir in your favourite pasta sauce.

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