Teen Wolf Demon Wolf

In Lie Ability, he is still locked up in Theos Lair being guarded by Hayden. He speculates that shes either questioning where her loyalties lie or shes finally starting to understand her role. He begins to wonder why Theo left Hayden to guard him instead of Corey or Josh, its because Hayden is stronger, faster and more fearless than both. Deucalion explains hes no friends to Theo and that he would keep Haydens secret if she left to go and save her friends. He continues to encourage Hayden to go and help her friends because he believes that they have common ground and that one day they will be friends. Before leaving Hayden injects him with knima venom. Some time later, Theo returns and he tells Deucalion that he didnt find what he was looking for but he may have found something better.

Deucalion ultimately brought several of his Betas to an abandoned distillery to meet with Gerard and several of his fellow Hunters, where he found, much to his horror, that it was an ambush. After Gerard weakened everyone (Werewolf and human alike) by spraying wolfsbane fog, he used a baseball bat embedded with Werewolf claws harvested from his previous hunts to kill both his own people and the Betas, claiming that since the Hunters with him wanted peace as well, they needed to die. He then made it clear that he intended to frame Deucalion and his pack, since his homemade spiked mace created wounds that looked like claw gashes from a Werewolf. When Deucalion desperately crawled out of the distillery, Gerard easily caught up with him and laughed at the Alphas insistence that he had a “vision of peace,” snarking that his vision was “a little short-sighted” before jamming two flash-bang arrows into Deucalions eye sockets.

Deucalion continued to redeem himself further by no longer entering combat of any kind, even going so far as to study the martial art of bagua, or the path of least resistance, in order to avoid using violence by both protecting himself from harm while causing others to unintentionally inflict it upon themselves instead in their attempt to attack him.

He continues to talk which only further annoys Theo, he asks Tracy how powerless was she before becoming a Chimera? In his experience, its the once powerless thats always so eager to demonstrated new power. He then stands up and rips the tube of his arm, hes been a willing prisoner the entire time, Deucalion rushes Theo and breaks his arm, he reveals that the secret to stealing power to pain “take their pain, take their life, take their power”, this is how you find the spark of power. He listens as Scott forms a temporary alliance with Theo, he tells Theo and Tracy that that theyll need Scott in order to get Masons trust and that Theo can only steal its power when in wolf form.

Some time afterward, Deucalion got the idea to create his own pack of Augmented Alphas like himself, with him being the Alpha of Alphas, and he invited his associates Kali and Ennis to join him. However, he required them to kill all of their own Betas and their Emissaries prior to joining, leaving only his own Emissary, Marin Morrell, alive to guide them. (“Visionary”) Ennis was the first to join Deucalion, with Kali joining afterward (though, unbeknownst to any of them, Jennifer Blake, Kalis Emissary, survived her attack and spent the next few years planning her revenge against them). (“The Overlooked”)

Powers & Abilities []

  • Shifting – Werewolves Possesses the ability to shift into the form of a large wolf on the full moon. Demon Wolves can also completely control this ability, shifting whenever they wishes, painlessly and can also retain consciousness in wolf form. Demon wolves take the form of shadowy wolf-like monsters similar in appearance to Hell-hounds.
  • Superhuman Strength – The strength of Demon Wolves depends upon their rank before death. A Demon Beta is as strong as an Alpha, a demon Alpha as a Theta, Demon Theta as a Zeta. Demon Wolves are normally 100 times stronger than their common rank.
  • Superhuman Speed – Demon wolves run faster than their common rank.
  • Superhuman Senses – Demon wolves possess enhanced senses.
  • Resistance to Cold – Demon Wolves possesses enhanced Resistance.
  • Pack Sense – Enhanced
  • Animal Control – can control Most Animals Telepathically.
  • Rage Enhancement – Werewolves can increase in strength the more that their anger increases. With demonically enhanced rage, this is even greater than normal.
  • The atmosphere is tense and quiet for moments. An obstinate Derek makes the first move, targeting Deucalion, but Kali swiftly knocks him back. A full-on fight erupts between the two packs while Deucalion, serene as ever, observes from the escalator. The super-powered alphas make quick work of Derek and his betas.

    The sociopathic Deucalion gives a speech explaining the Alpha Packs rule of entry. He bring up the everyday rule that a pack is only as strong as its members, unfolding and flexing out his four-section cane. He recalls a time that after he lost his eyes, a beta of his tried to usurp his position as alpha, assumed he was unfit to be the alpha anymore and so Deucalion killed him, folding one section of his cane.

    In Beacon Hills high school, Deucalion is in the music room. By tapping his cane against the teachers desk in a fixed rhythm, he discretely sends a message to Scott, luring him to the music room. He knows Deaton has been abducted by the Darach. He compares Scotts situation with a tempo being set, but a metronome is missing thus the rhythm is not steady. He offers to help Scott recover his “metronome” – helping Scott find Deaton.

    Derek gasping in pain, demands Cora be let go. Deucalion motions at Ennis as a gesture of good will. Deucalion scolds Derek for insinuating hes there to kill him, lecturing the younger alpha that he has far more “vision”, even for a blind man, making conversation. After Kali suggests that he speed things along, just in case Derek were to die, Deucalion outlines the hazard with being in a pack of only alphas: “Everybody wants to make the decisions.”

    Arrows, flashbangs, suddenly rain down on all around the assembled werewolves. Deucalion orders his Alphas to cover their eyes. As both Packs recover, a standoff occurs between Scott and Ennis. Both Wolves ram into each other – Scott matches Ennis charge with equal super-strength and afterwards he briefly sports the red eye color of an Alpha which Deucalion catches.


    Why is Deucalion a demon wolf?

    As a result of his heinous legacy, Deucalion became the most fearsome werewolf in the region over a span of ten years and because of all collected power he’d coveted and absorbed, the unique shapeshifters he’d recruited, he became a superpowered shapeshifter, one of most powerful to live, and earned himself the moniker …

    Does Scott turn into a demon wolf?

    Deucalion was ultimately killed by Monroe’s Hunters, and his final words to were to Scott in an effort to remind him that Gerard knew that he couldn’t beat Scott and his pack, giving him the reassurance he needed to defeat both threats with the help of his packmates.

    Was Deucalion a true alpha?

    After taking a few hits, Scott finally gets his claws on a hunter, rips the guy’s helmet off, and starts going to town on his face, already in full Alpha mode, new fangs included. And as he keeps clawing—and clawing—Scott’s face begins transforming from Alpha to full wolf (Demon Wolf?).

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