Texas Flip And Move Cancelled 2020

Toni Snow of DIY Network hit Texas Flip and Move recently came under fire for using an anti-Semitic term in an episode that made it on air. Since that episode’s mid-January airing, both Toni Snow and DIY offered apologies, and DIY appears to have temporarily adjusted Texas Flip and Move‘s schedule — but fans are up in arms over what they fear is the Snow Sisters’ removal from the cast.

The New York Post was the first to report on Toni Snow’s comment, which came in the “Snow Sisters’ School Bus Flip” episode on January 12th. (As of this writing, the episode’s description still appears on DIY’s site.) In the episode, Toni and her sister Donna spent almost $27,000 converting a $300 school bus into a home, which attracted the attention of a musician.

The sisters’ initial post-renovation offer was $36,000, and the musician accepted immediately. When he didn’t try to bargain with them, Toni said, “You’re not even gonna bicker a little bit…Jew us down?” Added Donna, “You’re not even gonna blink an eye?”

The next day, Toni Snow, one of the most beloved cast members of a show known for its accessibility and fan outreach, offered her own apology across the Snow Sisters’ social media platforms:

In the weeks since, though, a small group of devoted Texas Flip and Move fans have begun protesting what they believe is an unfair scrubbing of the Snow Sisters from DIY’s schedule. The show, which regularly airs in a multi-hour block on Friday nights, did not air on Friday, January 19th — the first Friday after the “Snow Sisters’ School Bus Flip” episode — or on Friday, January 26th. And a fan petition further claims that the Snow Sisters have been edited out of the show’s intro.

However, Texas Flip and Move did return on Friday, February 2nd — which, as the Snow Sisters themselves explained to a fan on Twitter, is when Season 8 was scheduled to debut.

In addition, while the official Texas Flip and Move page on DIY’s site doesn’t list bios for any of its cast members, the site linked to the show’s official Facebook page does, and that page still lists both Donna and Toni Snow among the show’s cast.

We’ve reached out to Scripps, DIY’s parent network, for clarification, and will update this article if we hear back.

UPDATE 12:50 PM – DIY Network’s official response is as follows: “As it relates to the topic you reference in your inquiry, we won’t be sharing further information about the network’s plans or activities.”

Do they really sell the houses on Texas flip and move?

The houses are then renovated and sold at auction. This formula has evolved a bit over the long run of the show. However, unlike Property Brothers or other similar shows, the show features a twist: at the auction, only the houses are sold (not the underlying land). …

The Young Guns cited “creative differences” with ‘Texas Flip N Move’.

The Young Guns, Suzi and Cody Slay, were fan favorites of Texas Flip N Move. The two left the show a few episodes into Season 3 and haven’t been seen since. Though the show itself remains popular, the backlash to the casting change has been strong. Article continues below advertisement

Twitter has feelings about them leaving and a group of fans even went so far as to start a Change.org petition to try and get The Young Guns back in front of the cameras. Their efforts were not successful, and the petition has since been closed. Texas Flip N Move has gone on to produce multiple more seasons without any contribution from Cody and Suzi. Article continues below advertisement

Rumors circulated around why the Young Guns left the show and most claim that they left because of contract disputes or behind-the-scenes struggles for more screen time. Neither can be confirmed, and the DIY Network never made an official statement on the Slays’ departure, but we do know that Cody responded to a Twitter user about why they left and revealed that they didn’t exactly “leave” on their own accord. When a fan asked if they quit, he responded, “Not exactly, creative differences!” Article continues below advertisement

When asked to explain further, he responded, “It…means we cannot agree on behind-the-scenes stuff so we had to agree to disagree.” Article continues below advertisement

Was Texas flip and move Cancelled?

Texas Flip and Move TV series aired on DIY Network network in the US. Last episode of Texas Flip N Move aired on DIY Network on September 27, 2019.


Did Texas Flip N Move get Cancelled?

The Young Guns cited “creative differences” with ‘Texas Flip N Move’. The Young Guns, Suzi and Cody Slay, were fan favorites of Texas Flip N Move. The two left the show a few episodes into Season 3 and haven’t been seen since.

What channel is Texas flip and move on now?

Essential was hit by Discovery’s rebranding of the DIY Network to Magnolia, losing key series including Texas Flip N Move. The company has since launched paranormal program Ghost Loop on Travel Channel and said it is developing a slate of live stunt programming for A+E Networks that are expected to broadcast this year.

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