Twister 2 The Terror Continues

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It’s not entirely clear why “Twister 2” started trending Wednesday morning, but it led us to this discovery, so we’ll forever be grateful for the randomness of social media. Though, to be clear, if there ever was a true sequel, they should keep it classy and go the Alien route and title it Twisters, or go full Fast and Furious and call it 2wister. G/O Media may get a commission

Who doesn’t love a good disaster movie? In 1996, the answer was apparently nobody. Coming in only behind Independence Day, Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton’s Twister closed out the year as the second-highest grossing film. Over the past 24 years since, there’s always been murmurs (both in Hollywood and just among fans) of a sequel—though if social media reaction is any indication, it would not be well-received. “Twister 2” is currently trending on Twitter, and users are not thrilled about the prospect of any Twister movie that would not include Paxton, who died of a stroke in 2017, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died in 2014 of acute mixed drug intoxication.Watch

UPDATE 6/27: It is now being reported that Amblin and Universal are developing a potential relaunch of Twister. Variety says it will be a reboot not a sequel.

But while Twitter freaks out over the potential of a Twister sequel, a movie titled Twister 2 already exists: Full titled Twister 2: The Terror Continues, this title was also released in 1996. But this was not a continuation of the story of Hunt and Paxton’s storm-chasing team. IMDb describes it as “footage of real tornadoes without any coherent story,” which kind of reads like a review of 2012. The “poster” for the film is also available on IMDb and contains this message to potential viewers: “Waring: Contains real storm-chaser footage. The most terrifying twisters ever” and then the words get too hard to read, but we’re pretty sure it says “recorded.” But this isn’t just some home video collection piecemealed together, it apparently features Ted Fujita, the creator of the Fujita scale. If you need a reminder of what that is, watch this:


Is there a part 2 to the movie Twister?

And there actually is something called “Twister 2,” according to the Internet Movie Database, which describes “Twister 2: The Terror Continues” as “footage of real tornadoes without any coherent story.” But a true sequel to the movie doesn’t exist, despite trending on Twitter occasionally.

Will there be a new Twister movie?

Yet while Independence Day’s sequel appeared five years ago, Twister’s reboot, which was first pitched as a 3D movie back in 2010, was finally announced by Universal in 2020.

Was Twister filmed with real tornadoes?

“Several actors, especially Bill Paxton, spent a lot of time at NSSL to get a feel for the coordination needed to be successful in tornado experiments,” NOAA said. “Actual tornado researchers took many of the actors out on a real tornado chase.

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