Viper Car Alarm Price

Alarm and Remote Start prices include Standard Installation at any of our Car Toys locations. Most vehicles 1998 and newer require a bypass or door lock module for an additional $69.99. Depending on vehicle make/model/year, additional parts and labor may be required to complete the installation. For details please contact your local Car Toys store.

The Python 5305P is a comprehensive alarm system with lots of extras included. In addition to a two-way fob for its more advanced functions, there’s a one-way backup fob for simply arming and disarming the alarm. There’s also an app that enables tracking and controlling the system with a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, it features multi-level arming, which gives you the ability to determine which sensors to activate if there’s a situation where you may only want to make the alarm sensitive only certain areas or not want to use all of its functions. The only downside is cost. its more than $200 start and requires professional installation.

There are also some side benefits beyond foiling a thief. Aftermarket alarms can often result in lower insurance premiums, though it’s best to check with your insurer before installation. Top considerations when shopping are compatibility with your vehicle, the range in which your remote can communicate with the alarm, ease of installation, features, maintenance and price.

The Avital 5305L is a solid two-way alarm system that’s built for expansion later on. That helps keep the up-front costs low, and indeed it’s 40% cheaper than the Compustar listed above, but doesn’t lock-out options if you want to add them later. What you give up to the more sophisticated Compustar is range (the Avital’s signal reaches only 1,500 feet) and five decibels of alarm scream, though the difference between 100 and 105 decibels isn’t really all that perceptible. Like that more expensive alarm it can be upgraded later, and consumer reviews suggest that the Avital is one of the most reliable alarms on the market. 77% of buyers give it a five-star rating on Amazon.

As with today’s cars, there have been major technological advances in car alarms since the first heyday of aftermarket alarms in the 1970s and 1980s. There are two kinds of car modern car alarms. Classic one-way alarms simply set off lights and a siren if someone tries to break in. Two-way alarms do that and send data to either your key fob or your phone, alerting you in real-time to a threat that might be blocks away. Two-way alarms can also offer features like keyless locking and entry, GPS tracking and other functions routed through your cell phone.

The Carlock Second-Gen Advanced Real Time 4G Car Tracker and Alarm is easy to install, offers lots of features and it doesn’t cost much, so a win on a variety of fronts. From an install standpoint, it could hardly be easier. There’s only one piece and it plugs into your OBD-II diagnostics port. From there it relays your car’s status and location directly to your smartphone. Because it uses the internet and GPS, there’s no limit on range and at $50, it’s half the price of many simple two-way alarms. The only drawback is that there’s no active deterrent. The 4G doesn’t sound any alarms or flash any lights. If your vehicle does get stolen, it’s very helpful for tracking it down, but many security system shoppers would prefer to prevent a theft in the first place.

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How much does a Viper alarm cost?

Top Ten Reviews Verdict. The Viper 5706V is an excellent car alarm with the best two-way pager available, and the remote-start system is a great convenience feature, but the high price is a concern, especially when you can get equally effective car alarms with remote start systems for $100 less.

Are Viper car alarms good?

Basic alarms can cost well under $100, and high-end ones can run upwards of $1,000, without labor. But there are a lot of in-between options. In fact, you can find very powerful and sophisticated alarm systems for only a few hundred dollars.

How much does it cost to put an alarm on my car?

They don’t charge for install.

How much does Best Buy charge to install a Viper alarm?

They don’t charge for install.

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