Weber Meat Thermometer Ll L

The LL on the freezer thermometer indicates that the internal temperature of the freezer is so low that the thermometer cannot read it. Try raising the freezer temperature by one degree.

HHH/HI or LLL/LO – This may appear on your thermometer’s display if the detected temperature is above/below than the maximum/minimum temperature threshold of your unit. Carefully remove the probe and allow it to return to room temperature.

Question (applies to all models): My thermometer is displaying an LLL or HHH error. What does it mean?

There are several reasons your thermometer may display either an LLL or HHH error, the most common being that the probe was damaged or broken.

If your thermometer may have been exposed to temperatures above or below its temperature range (see below for your model), you will see one of these errors. The errors may also indicate that there are other types of damage to the probe.

Sometimes, doing a hard reset will resolve the problem. Remove the battery. Leave the battery out for at least one minute before installing a new battery.

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Weber Meat Thermometer Ll L

How do you fix a probe thermometer?

Sometimes this can be corrected by baking the probe in a 250 ° F (120 ° C) oven for 10-15 minutes as this will evaporate any moisture trapped in the probe. Make sure to connect only the probe + cable to the oven, not the plug or the transmitter.


What does LLL mean on my meat thermometer?

The LLL code will sometimes appear if you stick the food probe in frozen food to indicate that the temperature is below freezing point. To test whether that’s the case or not. Take the probe out of the frozen food and see if your thermometer is now reading the room temperature.

Why does my thermometer say’ll l?

Lithium batteries will operate to about -4 degrees F. If the temperature is colder than this, the display will show LL. L until the temperature rise above -4. So it sounds like maybe the temp is too cold for the batteries of the digital thermometer to work properly.

What does LL mean in temperature?

Oregon Scientific weather stations, thermometers, weather forecasters, atomic clocks with temperature indicate the temperature or humidity reading is out of range by displaying LL. L (too low) or HH. H (too high).

How do I reset my Weber digital thermometer?

The reset button is located to the right of the volume control. Push the reset button on the hand-held display, and then push and hold the power button on the transmitter base for one second. The transmitter base will blink 7 times and quickly flash 3 times.

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