What Age Does Five Below Hire

16 years old

the perks of working at five below

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    Facts About Working at Five Below

    Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Five Below?)

    Available Positions: Assistant manager, cashier, district manager, manager, sales associate, stocker

    Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

    Earning hiring consideration for Five Below jobs starts with meeting the minimum age for employment, which the company sets at 16. Job seekers in compliance with the minimum hiring age may then apply online to work as sales associates, stockers, or managers. Job titles like sales associate and stocker come with entry-level responsibilities, such as manning checkout stations, replenishing merchandise, and cleaning the store. Workers enjoy constant opportunities to enhance the shopping experiences of customers and handle some of the trendiest brand name products available at such economical prices.

    Customer interaction and the handling of merchandise form a significant part of managerial job duties, as well. Unlike entry-level employees, however, managers also maintain direct responsibility for achieving sales targets and ensuring the overall financial success of the store. Like other major retailers, Five Below divides the store management team into various levels or tiers, which determine the hiring requirements, budgeted salary, and primary responsibilities of each managerial job title. The growing retail chain hires experienced workers to fill keyholder, assistant manager, and general manager jobs at each store.

    Five Below Positions and Salary Information

    While previous related experience typically serves as a prerequisite to careers in retail management, candidates applying for entry-level jobs generally obtain hiring consideration even with little or no history of employment. The online application form allows job seekers to indicate a preference for part-time, full-time, or seasonal work. Individuals seeking employment in retail may apply online for any of the following Five Below jobs:

  • Combining sales duties with cashier responsibilities, sales associate positions involve a variety of daily tasks performed at the frontend of stores.
  • Sales associates start at a pay rate of $8.00 per hour.
  • The entry-level job also entails housekeeping duties, which include organizing product displays as well as cleaning the sales floor and checkout stations
  • Stockers primarily work in backroom areas of stores and deal with customers only sporadically.
  • Stock workers make an hourly wage of $8.00.
  • Physically demanding, stocker jobs prove most ideal for employees capable of lifting heavy objects, using equipment to move large quantities of items, and remaining active for the duration of work shifts.
  • Jobs frequently available on store management teams include keyholder, assistant manager, and general manager positions.
  • Management has a salary of $50k annually.
  • Assistant and general managers work in tandem to implement various business strategies designed to drive sales, reduce costs, and increase employee productivity.
  • The online application for employment at Five Below presents several opportunities for job seekers to stand out from other candidates and possibly gain increased hiring consideration. When filling out the form, applicants encounter the optional step of describing personal career objectives and should take advantage of the chance to explain how working for the discount retail chain would fulfill a particular interest or fit with long-term goals. The online form also enables candidates to select a range of availability for each day of the week. Applicants should mark the selection for open availability whenever possible, especially for the weekend days, as retail managers often view candidates with flexible schedules and weekend availability as more valuable than job seekers capable of working only a limited number of hours. Finally, though the application requires the listing of just a single reference, candidates should strive to give professional references for the other two spaces provided in order to make the information gathered by the hiring manager as complete and enriched as possible.

    Immediately after submitting the job application online, prospective employees encounter a message containing an invitation to visit the appropriate Five Below store for additional follow-up information. Applicants choosing to follow up in person should wait about a week to give store personnel enough time to receive and review the submitted information. When visiting the store to follow up, job seekers should look neatly groomed and professional in order to make the strongest and most positive first impression possible. Follow-up visits should involve a brief meeting with the manager responsible for hiring and include a polite inquiry about the status of the application as well as an enthusiastic reaffirmation of desire for the job.

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