What Are Hibachi Noodles Called?

yakisoba noodles

Here’s a fantastic way to make Hibachi noodles at home for a fraction of the price This is one of the creamiest Asian-inspired noodle dishes you’ll find, with noodles sautéed in butter, garlic, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, sugar, and sesame oil.

We will continue the hibachi experience after testing a recipe for Hibachi rice with yum yum sauce. So today we’re making some Hibachi noodles. Please note that because I’m basing this on what my eyes told me after numerous hibachi dinners, it might not be entirely accurate and there may be some variations between different hibachi restaurants.

I’ve made several trips over many years and I now understand why the noodles are so unique and addictive. The butter. There’s just tons of it. The creamiest Asian-inspired noodle dish you can eat is made with this.

Bad for you I know. But once in awhile, let’s indulge. When the blog first started, my post on hibachi rice with yum yum sauce became popular, and I was baffled as to why other content wasn’t doing as well.

Now I get it. People enjoy eating out and want to try making their favorite dishes at home to save money. So let’s get started if your favorite aspect of hibachi is the noodles!

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What Are Hibachi Noodles Called?

What Are Hibachi Noodles Called?

What Are Hibachi Noodles Called?

What type of noodle is best?

Hibachi Noodles are typically made with Yakisoba noodles. If you had any on hand, you could also use ramen or udon noodles!

Unfortunately I cant really find those authentic noodles where I live so I had to substitute them with a box of Delallo Linguine Pasta – which was delicious!

No one even questioned it, and I was able to make it on the spot without having to travel outside of town to an Asian market, so to be quite honest, it worked really well.

The real thing would undoubtedly be more authentic, but sometimes you just have to get by with what you’ve got!

What Are Hibachi Noodles Called?

It’s so simple to reheat these noodles if you have leftovers (which we never do, lol).

To do this, simply add the noodles to a skillet that has been heated through with a little butter and sesame oil over medium heat.

Depending on how many leftovers you have, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water, then cover the pan. When the noodles reach the desired temperature, let them heat for a few minutes while stirring them occasionally.

What Are Hibachi Noodles Called?

You must also prepare the Hibachi Chicken with Yum Yum Sauce if you’re making these delicious hibachi noodles.

I’ve got you covered when it comes to other delectable Asian recipes with these Vietnamese Spring Rolls. This Chicken Laab is perfect for lettuce wraps for something healthier.

What Are Hibachi Noodles Called?

In Japanese steakhouse restaurants like Benihana, Kyoto, and Kobe, where the food is grilled at the table, these are very well-liked.

After experimenting with Hibachi Chicken, Hibachi Fried Rice, and Hibachi Vegetables, I fell in love with Hibachi-style recipes and knew I had to try these Hibachi-style noodles.

Toss the cooked noodles with the sauce in the skillet after adding the sauce mixture and the sauce mixture.

When it’s nice and warm, cover it and heat on low for about 3 to 5 minutes. Stir them occasionally for even heating.

For a speedy and hearty dinner, top hibachi noodles with Yum Yum Sauce or Hibachi Mustard Sauce.


What kind of noodle is used for hibachi?

Hibachi Noodles are typically made with Yakisoba noodles. If you had any on hand, you could also use ramen or udon noodles!

Are hibachi noodles the same as lo mein?

The Difference Between Hibachi Noodles And Lo Mein In actuality, there isn’t much of a difference between hibachi and lo mein; however, lo mein is made in China while hibachi is made in Japan (spaghetti is excluded from the comparison).

What are Japanese rice noodles called?

Noodles, known as men in Japanese, are a mainstay of Japanese cuisine. The numerous varieties of Japanese noodles are eaten chilled with dipping sauces, in soups, stir-fried, or in salads and are frequently seen as quick and easy meals.

What does hibachi noodles taste like?

These flavorful hibachi noodles hit all the right notes with their buttery goodness, rich umami, slight sweetness, and of course, the garlic and ginger, just like what you get at your favorite hibachi restaurant, but even better.

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