What Color For Mother Of The Bride

Does the Bride Pick the Mother of the Bride Dress?

Choosing the mother of the bride dress should be a collaborative effort. The bride will likely have ideas and opinions on what her mom should wear, but mom should get a say as well. Mother of the bride attire should be comfortable and flattering—after all, its a special day for her too, and shell want to look and feel her best. As a general rule of thumb, its best to ask for the brides thoughts on color and style before starting the shopping process. This is especially important if mom is considering a look thats similar to the brides dress. FOR YOU

What Color Does the Mother of the Bride Wear?

Theres not one specific color the mother of the bride should wear. Its generally best to steer clear of white, ivory or champagne hues as to not take attention away from the bride. However, with the popularity of über-chic all-white bridal parties, its perfectly acceptable to wear any shade that gets the brides approval.

The bridesmaid dresses and wedding color scheme can both influence mother of the bride attire. If the bridal party has mismatched dresses, the mother of the bride can easily find a look that complements the rest of the wedding party.

Winter Color Ideas for the Mother of the Bride to Wear

A short cocktail dress may not work for an outdoor winter wedding if it’s cold. It also probably wouldn’t be appropriate if that cocktail dress were bright yellow.

Dark colors are generally best for the mother of the bride to wear to a winter wedding. And in this case, a full length navy dress or burgundy dress might be most appropriate. You can even consider wearing black because black dresses are no longer considered taboo. But if you are hesitant to wear black to your daughter’s wedding, continue reading toward the end for more about that topic.

If your personal style allows, metallics are also gorgeous colors to consider for your dress. Colors like gold, rose gold, and silver are perfect for you to wear at formal and semi formal winter weddings.


What color is mother of the bride supposed to wear?

Colors like plum, lavender, eggplant, silver, navy and gold are the perfect pick for the mother of the bride dress. This is a universally flattering color combination for bridal parties. Choosing a mother of the bride dress to complement this color theme will be a bit easier.

What is the most popular color for mother of the bride dresses?

When it comes to color choices, navy is the number-one most requested color for the mothers of the bride and groom. Other popular colors include blush and shades of nude. Traditionally, you want to avoid white, black and red.

Should the mother of the bride wear the same color as the bridesmaids?

Traditionally, the mother of the bride’s dress should complement the wedding party’s colors (though not necessarily match). Therefore, it’s best to wait until your daughter chooses the bridesmaids’ dresses to begin shopping, says expert Shea Jensen.

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